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March 27th, 2006

â??I am a woman,â? she said.
â??And a slave,â? I said.
â??Yes, a slave,â? she said. Her eyes were moist. â??Do you know why I am content?â? she asked.
â??No, Slave,â? I said.
â??Because I am a slave,â? she said. â??It is strange,â? she said, â??we have talked of freedom, of liberation. And yet I feel that somehow, though I am slave, I am the most liberated, the most free of women. For the first time in my life I am free to obey, to love and be pleasing.â?
â??You are not simply free to do such things,â? I said, â??you must do them.â? <i>Beasts of Gor</i>

Sometimes this one wonders at the truth of Audrey"s (the kajira
speaking in this quote) words. she used to know in her heart that to be
herself was to truly be free. But it is so difficult to throw off the
chains of society… especially when one still lives in that society.
So how does one accomplish this?

It requires a great deal of effort and desire. And training. Not just from the one who owns her, but self-training as well.

are times when she"s lying in bed, serving Master and suddenly, all
these thoughts flood her mind. <i>This is where rayne belongs.
This is what she is. she"s so happy here. Pleasing Him… knowing He is
pleased… and gods is she horny!</i>

everything gets her to the point where she just wants to fling herself
to His feet and beg and whimper and plead until He gives in. And before
bed last night, she did. Eventually, however, after the first couple
of nos He gets annoyed and tells her she"s being bad. And, until He
touches her again, she is able to accept the no and back off. He seemed
quite amused with her state of distress.

And it occured
to her that she is content. Not only is she happy in her bondage to
Him, which she already knew, but she is more content than she has ever
been in her life. she"s content to writhe in His arms or at His feet
begging to be used or touched or kissed. Begging for permission to cum,
even if she has to satisfy herself. And if that"s wrong, then to hell
with being right.

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