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blistex r0x0rs her b0x0rs

March 21st, 2006

But this laptop definitely doesn"t. Stupid shift key rarely ever works and the "h" key sometimes doubles (or triples) itself. Damn thing.

In any case, rayne finally caved to her inner desire and is working
on a Gor based fanfiction short story. she would like to stress that it
is only for personal use and, so far, only the characters are her own.
she hasn"t decided whether to incorporate any of Mr. Norman"s
characters but she probably won"t. she"s not sure how long it will be
before she can throw it up in the stories section. Hopefully it won"t
be too long.

rayne misses serving. And dancing. Especially
dancing. Master"s channel has been really dead of late. And when there
are people there, no one wants service.

But! she has blistex! And blistex r0x0rs her b0x0rs.

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