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Fit to be Tied

March 17th, 2006

rayne was going to write a full story about what happened the other night… spice up her blog a little. But after writing almost the whole thing out and then losing it when her computer rebooted, she"s sort of lost interest But she supposes she can tell you a little about the dirty little slut being tied down and tormented.

It started with Master telling her to get on the floor next to Him.
This always means He wants her to lick His legs. So she wriggled to the
floor and danced her tongue along His thighs, determined not to get
herself horny. Not long after she started, Master barked "Use your
hands, cunt." and she snapped her hands to His calves. Within minutes,
her pussy was aching and she was clawing at her own skin and the carpet
fighting back wails of frustration.

With "It"s time for you to stop being pampered. It"s time for you to have some bruises." Master sent rayne to don the blindfold
He just bought and to put on her ankle cuffs. she did this as quickly
as she could and then stood with her thigh touching the bed so she had
some sort of orientation as to where she was. her fingers found their
way into her mouth as she waited for Him (she has a habit of chewing
them when she"s nervous) and He slapped them away and popped the new ball gag in her mouth buckling it on.

As He buckled the new locking cuffs
around her wrists, she began to tremble. It"s so much easier to
surrender when rendered helpless, but rayne never knows if this time He
will push past the level of pain she finds pleasureable. He wants to
and gods does she want Him to. The mere thought of laying there,
helpless or not, while He does exactly as He wishes turns her on beyond
belief. At the same time, however, it terrifies her, which only adds to
the appeal.

Master tied her cuffs to the bed, each limb
in turn, taking care to make sure she had good circulation and was
completely helpless. Unfortunately, due to the poor make of the ankle
cuffs, rayne pulled out of one of them managing to slip the buckle.
They"re cheap cuffs bought from a shady adult store nearby. They were
what we could afford at the time but Master has locking ankle cuffs on
order from, she thinks, JT"s Stockroom.

there, things sort of blur as rayne often loses track of time and
what"s happening as soon as a blindfold it placed over her eyes. she
knows Master put clover clamps
on her nipples, and oddly enough, they didn"t hurt as bad as they used
to… until He pulled on the chain. she thinks He beat her with at
least two different floggers and the knotty cat never came out.

her legs spread as they were, who could resist a good pussy whipping?
And whip it He did. Between fucking it just long enough to tease her
and then getting up to torment her some more, that is. The clover
clamps came off for a while and eventually He put the alligator clamps on her nipples and started playing with a homemade the zipper.

slapped and bit and pinched and licked. He whispered "From now on, I"m
going to do anything I want to you." While He was fucking her, He bit
her lower lip hard. All she could do was moan. she loves it when He
chews on her lip. And then He whispered "And you can" t do anything
about it." and proceeded to lick her lips around the ball gag, pinching
and clawing her tits.

When He was finished with her, He
untied her left hand (knowing she has trouble cumming with her left
hand) and told her to cum. He had already released her legs so He could
get between them and hold them up. Left-handed and all, she came within
seconds, and hard. It was all she could do not to scream.

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