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Honor and the Facets of Gorean Relationships

March 9th, 2006

Not much is as important to Goreans as are honor and respect. Men who behave dishonorably are often looked down upon and sometimes slain. Honesty, strength, confidence, loyalty, ambition, perseverance, dominance – all these are qualities prided in Gorean males. They are not arrogant, but confident. They don"t brownnose to get where they want to be, but have and act on ambition. They do not waver in their decisions or commands, but hold fast to what they believe is the right course of action.

slaves have no choice but to know themselves fully owned in the arms
of a Gorean man. A Gorean Master will not be lenient or sway in his
decisions regarding anything in his life, least of all his property. He
chooses to take on the role that nature has bestowed upon him – the
stronger gender, the dominant party – and to force women to their knees
in acceptance of the role they have been given – the weaker gender, the
submissive slave.

Just as with any type of
relationship or philosophy, there are many facets of Gorean
relationships in real life (as opposed to in the books).

are those that choose to use it as a form of sexual role playing game,
only dominating or submitting online, killing people (only the free and
only online – similar to the way one would kill in Dungeons and
Dragons) they feel have dishonored them, and so on, but with no
interest in bringing this "lifestyle" to real life. Often they"re
married or only interested in the game aspect of the Gorean ideals.

are those that choose to have an actual Master/slave, Master/Free
Companion, or Master/Free Companion/slave relationship online, but
while it is strictly online, it is not a game to them. Perhaps they,
too, are married in real life, or have some other issue keeping them
from bringing this way of life into the real world. The feelings can be
just as intense as a real life relationship, as there are real people
behind the screens, they just choose to keep their distance for
whatever reason.

There are those that live the
Gorean life in real life, excluding, of course, the parts of it which
cannot be, such as slaves wandering around in public wearing nothing
save collar and brand, serving their Masters in the middle of town
square, slaying each other in mortal combat over honor, etc. The Master
strives to be just as much a Gorean culturally driven man as the men in
the books and the slave strives to experience her femininity as
extremely as possible. she is only property and belongs to men. A true
Gorean man will treat people respectfully and will be
honorable in all things. He will be loyal and firm and conduct himself
with honor. A true Gorean woman will be honorable and understand that,
while she is currently free, she is only free as long as the men allow
her that priveledge. She will act with pride and dignity, conducting
herself with modest grace. A true Gorean slave, while she may not fall
to her knees and crawl to every man begging to be of use (and they
didn"t in the books either, unless commanded by he who owned them),
will treat every person she meets with respect, regardless of her
opinion of them. she will be "paga hot", a slut for her masters in
every way they demand her to be without question. (Yes, rayne dared
to use the words "true Gorean man/slave/woman". No, she"s not really
interested in how you feel about the use of it.)

These are not the only facets. The possibilities are endless. These are
only the main ones a person will see in their explorations of the many
venues in which you may encounter Gor.


On the eleventh, rayne will begin to discuss BDSM.

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