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More on Gor

March 7th, 2006

There are many Gorean "Castes" or social classes. Generally speaking, they are separated by livelihood, and then again by High and Low Caste. The High Castes, in descending order, consist of Initiates (a group of Men who are considered to be messengers of Priestkings or priests – but not Priestkings – themselves), Scribes, Builders, Physicians and Warriors. All other castes are considered Low Caste and are only taught the First Knowledge.

The First Knowledge does not teach of Earth. It teaches that Gor is
a flat disc and causes men to be wary of telling strangers any more
than their first name and their city in the event that someone might
wish to use their name against them – sort of like the medieval times
when people thought that should a witch get hold of your name and
whisper it to the devil she could curse you. Those of the Second
Knowledge know that Gor is spherical and that there are voyages of
acquisition to Earth to capture "the perfect slaves" as well as spices
and foods that aren"t found on Gor.

Free women are often
rather frigid, viewing themselves above sex. They are angered and
scandalized when slaves are made to reveal themselves before them.
While sometimes revered by men, they are often viewed as little more
than prospect slaves, particularly when they have displeased a man.
They are kept veiled and heavily robed in most places on Gor. Usually,
the only people to see them without a veil are their immediate family
and their free companion.They are allowed to carry weapons, unlike
slaves, but most don"t. Resisting a man who has it set in his mind to
capture a woman is pointless as men on Gor are much stronger than men
of Earth and none would rob him of his quarry should she try to plead
her case before a magistrate.

There are different "races"
on Gor, though they aren"t viewed as races so much as cultures.
Plains-people (Nomads of Gor), desert nomads (Tribesmen of Gor),
vikings (Marauders of Gor), among others, each have their own customs
and cultures but all have one thing in common – their love for slaves.

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