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February 23rd, 2006

rayne apologizes for the lack of content in her blogs lately. she"s been paying so much attention to getting Master"s house all prettified and keeping it together (our new fishtank is going crazy cause we tried to do too much too fast) that she really hasn"t read much or thought about much else. Occasionally a really great idea comes to mind, but then she forgets what it is before she has a chance to put it up. Absentmindedness, she thinks, comes with lack of sleep and she"s still not sleeping especially well.

So, something to talk about… slaves being too mutilated to be seen
in public and fun in a M/s relationship. And rayne"s not talking scene
type fun (though, gods scenes are a blast!). she"s talking about normal
stuff for couples to do. The other day, rayne happened on a few forum
threads that bothered or interested her. Master"s response to one
really made her feel pretty good about her opinion on the matter.

one thread, a slave said that she is no longer presentable. That
because of the people she has belonged to in the past, if she were to
go out in public she would have to wear a ski mask and long sleeves.
she is currently owned by someone that doesn"t use her sexually because
of her appearance and allows her to remain indoors all the time. And
she"s a)proud of this fact and b) glad they did it. Master said "Even
if I hated you, I would never do something that would make you
unusable. What would be the point of that?" Maybe people are such
sadists that they enjoy it. Who knows? rayne thinks it"s silly. Doing
that to someone decreases any value they have. No longer can you sell
them when you tire of them. You might be able to give them away, but
not many people would want an unusable slave.

Anyway, the
issue of fun. A wife convinced her husband to try out a Master/slave
relationship and it was a lot more than they bargained for. They jumped
in head first not knowing if it was even possible for them to swim and
started to drown. They"re now looking into learning more before having
another go at it. One of the questions the wife had, though, was can
you still have fun in a Master/slave relationship. Like, normal couples
fun. rayne"s response was this:



Melen has been her Master and Husband for three years now. We remain in
our roles 24/7, but that isn"t always the case with couples involved in
BDSM. A friend of rayne"s was in a Master/slave relationship in which
she loved SM and he hated it so occasionally he loaned her to other
people to play. she"s also known people that only do this part time or
that switch quite often. Master and rayne, however, are always in their

Being Master and slave doesn"t mean
that you can never have fun. Master Melen and rayne have a ton of fun.
On Valentine"s Day, we went to see Phantom of the Opera at a theater
nearby. Every December, we go to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in
concert. Every July 4th we go to Albany to the fireworks. Occasionally
we go camping in Lake George or to Great Escape. Once in a while we get
in the car and just drive until we feel like stopping or turning
around. When Master gets home we watch TV if He doesn"t have to work.
Sometimes rayne sits on the floor by His feet and sometimes she sits by
herself on the loveseat. Occasionally, He allows her to sit next to Him
– usually when she"s been really good or extra needy (rayne is an
attention hog, which works out because when she"s good, Master likes
paying attention to her). It just depends on where He wants her.

Teasing each other and wrestling around are still part of the
relationship too. Master picks on rayne all the time, flicking her nose
or tickling her (He"ll probably scold her later for making Him seem
unmanly). Course, our teasing often leads to other things, but that
just adds to the fun.

Deciding to try out
a Master/slave relationship doesn"t mean the rest of your life has to
stop. It just means that you defer to Him.

And who wants to be part of any relationship in which they never enjoy
themselves? They say a happy, healthy submissive/slave always serves
better than a miserable one. However, remember that it is your
responsibility to make him happy… not vice versa. If he chooses to do
things the way you like them, then great. But if not, then you have to
find your happiness in knowing that you are serving him to the best of
your ability and he is happy.

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