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Try, Try Again

February 19th, 2006

So rayne"s trying really hard to be a good slave. After three years, she shouldn"t have to try. It should just come natural. And she always tries to stick the blame somewhere else. You"re not strict enough. she has her period. You"re never consistent. she"s stressed right now. The fact of the matter is, she"s lazy and procrastinates (she"ll start being good tomorrow!) and gets stuck in these "rayne"s a shitty slave. she"ll always be a shitty slave. she"s worthless and if it"ll never change why even try?" ruts.

This time is different and she hopes it"ll stay different. she"s trying desperately to watch what she says, tame her reactions to things, remember that He is Master and she is slave. We"ll see how it goes, she guesses.

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