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Are You Ready For Some Football?

February 7th, 2006

rayne hasn't watched the Super Bowl since the year she moved out of her parents' house. Always found something else to do that day when the ex went somewhere to watch it. she took notes cause there was so much that was just insane.

Let's start with the touchdown that wasn't a touchdown. What the
hell was that? Now, Master decided to root for Seattle, so naturally,
since she has no real preference, she decided to root for Pittsburgh.
And even rayne couldn't stretch her imagination enough to say that was
a touchdown. The ball never crossed the line.

commercials were a trip. The NYS Smokers' Quitline had a girl and a guy
in a tiny red car. The guy lights up a cigarette and the girl rolls her
eyes, jerks the car off the road, and drives straight for a tree. The
guy starts wigging out and screaming "Look out for the tree!" She
swerves and narrowly misses the tree and he asks "WHAT are you doing?"
and she says "You're endangering my life. Just returning the favor." It
was great!

Then there was the Budweiser commercial. A
Clydesdale foal goes and slips his head into the harness of the
Budweiser wagon and tries to pull it by himself. What is presumed to be
the mom and dad see him trying and getting so close but then not being
able to do it. So they go to the back of the wagon and push. The foal
gets all excited and pulls the wagon thinking he has done it by
himself. The caretaker and the dalmation watch it all and the caretaker
says "I won't tell if you don't." Really cute.

really started to pay attention in the 3rd quarter. Hands down, it was
the best quarter of the game. Parker (Steelers #39) goes all the way to
break the record with 75 yards, Hines Ward barely catches the ball as
he's falling, regains his feet and they're swept out from under him
again, Herndon's interception and what was that block on
Roethlisberger? They slammed him to the ground.

Hines Ward was voted MVP and Jerome "The Bus" Bettis retired. Steelers won 21-10 and that's the game.

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