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The New Place

February 5th, 2006

And now to catch you up. Master and I are almost completely in our new apartment. We give the old landlord the key on Monday and pay the final electric bill on the 15th and we’re done there. Our new dining room set comes tomorrow. We’re hoping to pay it off fast enough to be able to get the china cabinet that matches and not completely strap ourselves financially. It’s big but Master has a ton of china that belonged to His grandmother, so I’m pretty sure it’ll all fit nicely in there. And if there’s extra space, I’ll just have to force myself to fill it with knick knacks or something. I also plan to try to find out what company made it and see if I can get my hands on the missing pieces and how much that’ll cost Master. The china’s really old, so I may not be able to get it. If not, I’ll probably see about starting a collection so that we have a full set for holidays.

In the stuff that’s been in the storage room for ages, I found a goldfish bowl that I’d forgotten I had. So yesterday, Master took me to buy a betta, some black and fluorescent gravel, a few marbles, and some betta food. He’s so cool and his name is Little Dude (cause I sucks at naming animals). I’ll be calling him LD for short, which sort of fits cause he hasn’t figured out what his food is yet. When he gets hungry enough, I guess he’ll eat it. Though I’m wondering if I shouldn’t go pick up some flakes as well.

Master and I plan to get a rather large fishtank to put in the dining room. The room is huge and we have practically nothing to fill it. The dining set won’t even take up half of the room. We bought a spider plant and it’s hanging between the windows. I’m hoping to get a rubber tree and a few other plants. By the time we’re finished, I
should have my jungle back! The tank will be freshwater because, while we’re living like we’re rich, we’re still a little bit strapped for cash and saltwater tanks are so incredibly expensive to take care of.

I wants iridescent sharks. I had two before I met Master, and they were so cool. But when I put my beta in the tank, they started eating everything. Prior to putting the betta in there, I had two iridescent sharks, two angelfish, a few fancytail guppies, and some neon tetras. Everyone was getting along great. I asked the pet store owner repeatedly if it was safe to put the betta in there and she said he’d be fine. However, the sharks got angry and started eating all the other fish, starting with the angels. I was so upset. So Little Dude will be staying in his fish bowl this time around.

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