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Drawing a blank

January 23rd, 2006

So rayne has been completely at a loss of what to post on here all day (which is why she hasn"t put an entry here yet). Guess she"ll go with what happened today in rayne"s life. It"s not very interesting.

Master is working nights and we"re packing for our move. We spent the first hour and a half talking to the CEO of His company and doing not much of anything. We went to Quizznos for dinner and it was hella yummy. Tonight rayne"s having salad… she"s officially starting her resolution diet. she"ll probably be starting her resolution workout regime as soon as she can get her hands on a good aerobic exercise routine to add to her strength training routine. And then she"ll be on a fast track to losing the weight she has to lose to get her back in a healthy weight class. YAY!

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