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Our Night

January 15th, 2006

rayne figured she'd write and tell you how our night went. she doesn't really tell her readers much about our life outside of the Master/slave aspect and it's time she showed you that, while we are always in our roles, we do have a lot of fun together aside from sex and scening. Even Masters and slaves like to let down their hair and have fun once in a while.

We had a blast last night. Master's company had its annual
Winterfest, as she mentioned last night. Nice little restaurant. We
plan to go back in March for their medieval dinner. Anyway, last
night's dinner is what rayne wanted to babble about. It was a
murder-mystery dinner put on by the Hudson Valley Players. They picked
random people from the crowd and made them into characters. Naturally,
the CEO was the captain (fitting, don't you think?). The cast consisted
of a womanizer, a DJ who wasn't using his real name to avoid gambling
debts, two known crooks, the ex of the womanizer, the new chick of the
womanizer, a PI, a loan shark, a doctor, the captain, and the captain's
wife. Oh, and of course, all of us.

Basically what
happens is the womanizer is poisoned and everyone on board has a reason
to want him dead except his new girl friend and the PI. The majority of
the roles were played by people from Master's company. There were only
five players. They were having a talent show and they grabbed random
people from the audience to play the parts. There was The Supremes, The
Beach Boys, Richard Simmons, Elvis, Elton John, Charlie Chapman, and
the Village People. The "Captain's wife" put on a show for him as a
surprise for their 30th wedding anniversary. She was Dolly Parton. It
was hilarious. The woman that was the Captain's wife is this tiny
little lady and they put this HUGE pink bra on her and stuffed it, then
put this little tiny dress on her over it (everyone was allowed to keep
their clothes on under the costumes).

About midway
through dinner, one of the players comes up and grabs five of the guys
sitting at our table, Master included. They stood over to the side for
a little while and talked and then Master came back and said "Let's go
home." At some point during the talent show, Master and the other four
get up and go to the side of the room where they've been dressing
everyone. You can imagine rayne's surprise when Master came out with
the other four to do the Village People. If any of you know Him, you
know that is NOT His style. He's quiet, shy, embarrasses easily, and
doesn't really participate in silly stuff. This one was so proud of Him
up there with His dark glasses and cowboy hat clapping and slightly
bouncing back and forth. Maybe this will help Him to loosen up a
little, who knows. You can't get much more embarrassing than the
Village People.

All in all, it was a great night. His
company really did a good job for the get together. And everyone knew it
was going to be fun, it would seem, because they were out in spades.
There was only something between 4 and 8 people that didn't sign up,
and only a couple of people couldn't make it in because of the weather.
The weather was nuts on the drive up. Rain, sleet, freezing rain, snow,
hail, then rain again, then snow. It was crazy. And the drive back,
though it was only barely flurrying, was hectic. Most of the roads
hadn't been plowed or salted, so it was extremely slick. Master's one
of the most careful drivers rayne knows when it comes to the snow and
even He slid a few times.

This girl is so glad we went. It was so much fun.

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