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Odd Day Out

January 14th, 2006

rayne knows she's been posting on odd numbered days, and she'll resume her schedule tomorrow. Anyone else tired of all this seriousness? Today is fun blog day! And to kick fun blog day off, rayne will link you all to The Best Blonde Joke EVER!!!!. Usually she hates blonde jokes but this one's cute.

Number two on her list of fun things to blog about is this Adult Humor page. And then there's Gorean Comedy Central, which is a bit sassy, but rather good.

Tonight Master's company is having a Winter Festival. It's at a
restaurant that does the murder mystery dinners. rayne's so excited.
And since she's going to have a fun day, she figured she'd give you
guys a bit of a laugh too. Who says slaves don't have fun?? Perhaps
she'll try a bit more silly and fun entries from now on. And as always,
if there's something you guys want to hear about – any old thing that
pops into your heads – just drop her a comment or a forum or an email
or something and she'll do her best to cover it!

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