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Blanket Consent

January 11th, 2006

What is "blanket consent"? Blanket consent is a little difficult to define in one sentence. When a Master and slave discuss their relationship before a collar is given, a slave should disclose any and all "hard limits", as should a Master. The Master"s limits, obviously, will not (or at least should not) ever be crossed, while a Master may choose whether or not he wants to abide by the slave"s limits. However, if in the beginning of the relationship the Master says he will abide by them, those lines should not be crossed unless they have reworked negotiations and the slave has agreed to give up those limits. Anything that the slave did not mention or have the Master agree to allow her to keep is covered under blanket consent. While she might not like or enjoy something he does after this, she has given her consent before the fact and, unless she has a safeword, cannot retract it.

Some people don"t agree with this. They feel a slave always has the right to say no. If so, then how are they a slave? If they can just say no whenever they want to, what point is there of being "controlled" by someone?

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