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Discrepancies Between the Books and the Followers

January 7th, 2006

It's interesting to actually read through the Gorean novels by John Norman. rayne's not sure if she's having more fun reading the stories or pointing out things that many IRC Goreans take out of context and twist to fit what they want it to say. she does, however, think that at some point she's going to piss someone off (if she hasn't already). The only thing she can say to that, really, is read the books and stop taking things out of context. Learn the truths behind what you claim you know, then preach about them. It makes more sense to do things that way, in this one's opinion.

The specific book that has sparked the topic today is Marauders of Gor, book 9. The quote is:


â??May I pay my respects to you this night in your hall?â? asked the Forkbeard.

Svein Blue Tooth looked at him, startled. He fingered the heavy tooth,
on its chain, which hung about his neck, that tooth of a Hunjer whale,
dyed blue.

Bera, his woman, rose to her feet. I could see that her mind was moving with rapidity.

â??Come tonight to our hall, Champion,â? said she.

The Blue Tooth did not gainsay her. The woman of the Jarl had spoken.
Free women in the north have much power. The Jarlâ??s Woman, in the
Kaissa of the north, is a more powerful piece than the Ubara in the
Kaissa of the south. This is not to deny that the Ubara in the south,
in fact, exercises as much or more power than her northern counterpart.
It is only to recognize that her power in the south is less explicitly

The Forkbeard looked to Svein Blue Tooth. Svein fingered the tooth on its chain.

â??Yes,â? said he, â??come tonight to my hallâ??Champion.â?


What's your point, rayne?
Only that in Torvaldsland the Men don't have disdain for the Women
until they're collared. FW in Torvaldsland are haughty and stuck up.
They believe they are above sex and that if they agree to a
FCing, the Men should feel honored to get sex from them once a month,
if at all. FW of the north believe that slaves' actions are shameful
and tasteless. They believe that men are horrid beasts and that women
should resist becoming slaves until death, no matter how badly beaten.
Their minds always change once they're forced into the bond-maid circle
and trained… but until they are collared, they believe themselves
above everyone.

Also, another misconception is that all
slaves are unwillingly captured. This isn't always the truth. In
Torvaldsland there is a "bond-maid circle" that is always drawn on the
floor of every hall. A Woman can either be thrown into it or enter it
of her own free will, but in either case she is declared a bond-maid.
On most occasions, the ones that enter the circle of their own free
have been compelled to do so by the torments of the Man who wants to
own them. But there are rare occasions in which Women enter them on
their own.


This one gets frustrated when people
preach on and on about how this and that is in the books, and then when
rayne reads the books what they're preaching about is completely
backwards. They zeroed in on phrases and made them mean what they wanted
them to mean. Or completely disregard whole portions of the books.
Sure, Men from Torvaldsland, just as Men in southern Gor, can force
collar women when they get out of hand. But, especially with Free
Companions, this is much less likely to happen in the north.

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