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Just how far will people go…

January 3rd, 2006

…for humiliation and where should the boundaries lie? While some of you are thinking Things should stop at public humiliation… there could be kids around! others are thinking There are no real limits unless the Master sets them! While it is the proper way of thinking for a Master to take into consideration all factors of what He is doing with His slave, it would be incorrect thinking for a slave to think they have any say so in where, when, or how humiliation occurs.

rayne"s a bit of a humiliation slut. she enjoys being called vulgar
names both in and out of the public eye, likes being made to do slutty
things or simply doing them herself, etc. Master occasionally takes her
to adult stores, which is embarrassing enough, makes her pick out toys
that He will later use, then has her walk up to the counter and pay for
them. Usually behind the counter is a disgusting older man that she
can"t even bring herself to look at and generally speaking, they always
try to talk to her about what Master and rayne picked out. When Master
bought the crop, the guy yelled after them as they were walking out
"Enjoy the ride!"

The topic of discussion that has come up
lately is "What dirty things can Master make rayne do in public that
won"t get one or both of them arrested?" There are tons of things that
are appealing… whore her out, make her strip or flash people, make
her beg for cock, etc. But all of these things could possibly end up in
charges being filed. So, dear reader, rayne is turning to you. What
types of dirty things have the Dom/mes made their slaves do that aren"t
in direct violation of the law but are humiliating? And what types of
dirty things have slaves been made to do that wouldn"t cause them to be
arrested? Can"t wait to hear your responses!

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