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New Year…

January 1st, 2006

…New apartment! Master and rayne are moving out of this dump as of February 1st into the cutest little apartment that rayne just adores. Rent"s $15 more but the neighborhood and the condition of the apartment makes it worth much more than that (just don"t tell the landlord, else we"ll be paying much more than that!). What does this mean for Insatiable Desire? Only that rayne will be typing from a whole new room.

However, there is the possibility of us being without internet service for a short while because we"re not sure if the area has DSL or not so we"d have to get cable. Does this mean ID will die? rayne is hoping not. It is possible that it may lie dormant for a short while, but rayne plans on at least attempting to get to the library to update (provided the library doesn"t block adult sites) and if that doesn"t work, she may have to sneak into Master"s office after hours or into a Starbucks to plug the laptop in and drop a line or two.

We"ll see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed that we can get DSL. rayne much prefers that to cable, though if we had cable she"d be able to watch tv sometimes. Hmmmmm… now that thought has merit!

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