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Rock N Roll Christmas

December 27th, 2005

Yesterday we went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert! We were six rows from the stage and we got snowed on (they have a fake snow machine – which is really just bubbles – and we were under it this year)! It was friggin awesome! They had new lights, new pyro, she thinks new lasers, and this platform that Chris and David Z went up in. Every year they run around the arena toward the end. And when rayne says "run around the arena", she means they go up into the highest part of the balcony and everything. It started with Chris. Chris would jump off stage and just go tearing through the crowd, then run back up to the stage. Then last year, David Z decided to join him, and when they stopped to play for a while in the open part of the floor section, a bunch of their fans ran down and danced with them. This year, they ran down to this platform and hooked up and went way up in the air while the platform was flashing and shit. It was pretty awesome.

The crowd, this year, sucked ass. Last year they were extremely
enthusiastic. Yelling and clapping and on their feet a LOT. This year,
it was like church. They only yelled when Chris told them too, only
stood when he gestured for them to, and sat down as soon as he stopped
gesticulating wildly for them to get on their feet. The people in the
balcony didn't even stand. David Z was going nuts trying to get them to
when he was up on the platform and they just sat there.

So when the show was over, we rushed out of the arena to the outside
hall, darted through the crowd to a table to buy all our TSO
memorabilia (a tour shirt, the new ornament – they've had the same one
since they started touring so a new one was awesome, and a calender),
and stood in line for an hour and a half for a "meet and greet" that
they do every year. There was another change in criteria here, as they
upped security precautions. Instead of just milling around in a line
that stretched around the building, we were made to stand as single
file as possible (so much so that rayne kept getting bumped into),
follow a chained area to the spot where the tables were, which was
blocked off with these barriers that came damn near to her shoulder,
and then once we got to the barriers we were made to stay inside of
them. One autographed item per person and if we wanted pictures we had
to take them from the other side of the table. No posing and the
"stars" even had planned responses.

The "meet and greet"
sort of started out bad for rayne. she's not real good at knowing what
to say to strangers, let alone famous strangers, so she just wandered
aimlessly through the line watching her calender being whisked from one
rock star to the next, mumbling hellos and thank yous and happy new
years. Got to Alex Skolnick, who wasn't there last year for some
reason, and mumbled "It's good to see you back." He says "It's good
to… what?" And she smiled and said "It's good to see you back!" He
says "OH! Thanks! It's great to be back!" And rayne smiled again, sort
of awkwardly, and he took pity on her and pushed a signed guitar pick
into her hand "Here, have this pick. Thanks!" she blushed all pretty
pink and as sweetly as possible said "Thank you!" and moved on to the
next person at the table.

When we got to Chris, this one
wanted to punch him in the head. He was sitting there bitching. rayne
means swearing and ranting about how he never has any time to relax.
Now, she understands that stars aren't always the nicest people in the
world. she understands that even rock stars have bad days and that a
lot of famous people are jack asses. But to bitch like that in a "meet
and greet" line that you initiated and that you claim you like to do…
And about fifteen people ahead of us, there was a four year old boy.
That's gotta be loads of fun. Go to meet your idol and he's ranting and
swearing. rayne lost a lot of respect for Chris that night.

Finally, we got to David Z, who was at the very end. If you know
anything about this slave at all, you know that she absolutely LOVES
David Z. He's the bassist for the east coast tour and he's super hot,
really active during the show (bouncing all over the stage and dancing
and just going nuts), but mostly she just likes his straight black
hair. Usually, he sits next to Chris at the table, and he doesn't look
up. Just signs whatever has been pushed in front of him and passes it
along, never even raising his head. This year, he looked up, smiled
that winning "I'm in love with the ladies" smile, winked at rayne, and
said "Hey there! How are you?" So she swooned, waited for Master – who
was behind her in line, and smiled as David pushed a bumper sticker for
his band (ZO2) into her hand ("These are for you guys. This is my REAL
band."), when suddenly out of her "i'm in the presence of David Z" fog
she notices that the shirt we bought is before this god of bass guitars
and she hears Master saying "Could you sign it 'To rayne' please?" she
swears she blushed from her forehead to her toes and she shoved Master
gently and said "STOP!" (He enjoys embarassing rayne in front of
David… did it last year too.) then turned her eyes back to David as
he says "Awww, is that you?" This one blushes a deeper shade of red (if
that's possible) and says "Yeah" and Master proceeds to tell him how
much fun it is to embarass her in front of him. David says "Then
here… have this pick too." So she floated home on air clutching a
signed guitar pick from David Z in her hand, her cheeks red as a sunset
and a permanent smile on her face. A girl's name's spelled wrong on the
shirt (after Master spelled it for him twice) and she doesn't even
care. she's got a signed guitar pick from David Z – and a signed
calender, and a signed shirt, and a signed ticket, and a signed
program, and a signed ornament *sigh* Now… what to buy next year….

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