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Rock N Roll Christmas

December 27th, 2005 No comments

Yesterday we went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert! We were six rows from the stage and we got snowed on (they have a fake snow machine – which is really just bubbles – and we were under it this year)! It was friggin awesome! They had new lights, new pyro, she thinks new lasers, and this platform that Chris and David Z went up in. Every year they run around the arena toward the end. And when rayne says "run around the arena", she means they go up into the highest part of the balcony and everything. It started with Chris. Chris would jump off stage and just go tearing through the crowd, then run back up to the stage. Then last year, David Z decided to join him, and when they stopped to play for a while in the open part of the floor section, a bunch of their fans ran down and danced with them. This year, they ran down to this platform and hooked up and went way up in the air while the platform was flashing and shit. It was pretty awesome.

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