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It's Christmas Time in the City

December 25th, 2005 No comments

Merry Christmas everyone! rayne didn't post a blog yesterday. Yes she knows. she's a bad girl. she was busy baking and playing "Great American Housewife". No it's not a new game she got for Christmas. she stood in the kitchen barefoot (but not pregnant) with a malt beverage in her hand baking and preparing what she could to make today's meal as easy as possible. she still has two pies, ham, stuffing and biscuits to make :/ But we ARE having green bean casserole this year. *sigh* Today is just perfect.

rayne posted a poem she wrote for Master, <a href="" target="_blank">Twas the Night

Before Christmas – BDSM Style</a> in her stories. And you can see His Christmas present from her here <a href="" target="_blank"> Merry Christmas, Master!</a>. It's definitely not the best webpage in the world and rayne's not really interested in commentary. she's just beginning to learn html and she has never claimed to be good at webdesign.

<b><i>Again, Merry Christmas, everyone!</i></b>
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