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December 22nd, 2005

What"s with all the doomsaying and terribleness? It"s almost friggin Christmas! Saddam Huessein is saying the US beat and tortured him when he was in custody (and if we did, it"s about time that fucker got a taste of his own medicine), they"re getting reports that bird flu is resisting the leading treatment and people are dying, NYC residents are too friggin lazy to get off their asses and commute earlier and are actually pissed at the strikers for deciding they want fair pay, people are actually sympathizing with the doctors that euthanized patients after Katrina…. Hello???!!?!?!!?!?! Christmas is friggin Sunday! Three days people! Three friggin days! We can"t at least pretend we"re nice and care about other people for three friggin days? That"s pathetic.

Master and rayne went shopping a couple of days ago. And we"re
looking at this really awesome Light Bright thing that plays music and
flashes and… she doesn"t remember all of it. It"s just really cool.
And this bitch first comes up and just stands almost on top of Master
trying to see what we"re looking at. Mind you, while we"re not blocking
the entire aisle (there was plenty of room to walk around us),
we are blocking the small four foot section of shelf where this toy
is… because WE"RE LOOKING AT IT!… and there"s like 20 of these
things on the shelf so they"re not going anywhere WITH US BLOCKING
THEM! Apparently we were taking too long or something, because she shoves
Master out of the way. WTF? So rayne resists the urge to punt her
across the store and then walks away until the rude bitch moves her
fat, blond, suburban mom,
"I"m-queen-of-momhood-and-you-will-bow-before-me" ass out of the way.

finally get to retrieve the toy we were oogling and start to make our
way around the rest of the toy section to try and find something for
the other kids. After having a number of similar incidents of damn near
being trampled, we decide, even though we aren"t planning on buying a
doll, we"ll walk down the doll aisle and see if they have any really
cool ones. And this short, mousey soccer mom type, that you just know
you"d want to bitch slap if you, by some fit of bad karma, ended up
sitting next to her on the bleachers, puts her cart on one side of the
aisle and her wide ass on the other completely blocking any throughway
there might have been. And when she notices that we"re there (rayne was
utterly afraid to open her mouth to say "excuse me" because she was
terrified of what might ACTUALLY come out), she has the nerve to give rayne
a dirty look as if it"s rayne blocking the whole fucking aisle with her
"I"m-the-superior-Christmas-shopper" ass. So, once again, this girl
bites her tongue, incredulous, at this point, that she still has one to
bite, resisting the urge to say "Sure, no problem, cunt. We"ll go
around." and backs the cart up and walks to the next aisle to get
directly on the other side of the bitch.


All of this
before 9am. Peace on Earth, Good will toward men rayne"s ass. Thank the
fucking gods we got our shopping over with in one morning. People are
fucking psychotic. And she thought it was bad to be working the holidays.

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