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Wife and slave

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(This girl tried to write this earlier and was, in fact, almost finished with it, but her computer spontaneously rebooted itself and she has lost the website she was looking at. You"d think this would be a lesson to her to write these in something she can save them in before putting them here, seeing as this has happened to her a billion times, but she"s typing directly into the website again.)


rayne was clicking stumble a lot earlier and she found a site on which a slave was asked how she and her Master merge the two different facets (Master/slave and Hisband/wife) of their relationship. This one was rather annoyed when she finished reading because the slave didn"t answer the question. she danced around it with things that were related but when it comes right down to it, the question wasn"t answered. So rayne"s going to attempt to answer it herself. Remember, however, that everything in this blog comes from the perspective of a girl that was (and is in all things) a slave before she was a wife to her Master, so her point of view may be different than that of those who get involved in "the lifestyle" after they are already married.

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