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December 14th, 2005

What does that word mean? According to the American Heritage Dictionary, sister has two usages and at least 6 different definitions. rayne wants to take a look at number two since it covers what she wants to discuss.



2. A girl or woman who shares a common ancestry, allegiance, character, or purpose with another or others, specifically:
a. A kinswoman.
b. A woman fellow member, as of a sorority.
c. A fellow woman.
d. A close woman friend or companion.
e. A fellow African-American woman or girl.
f. A woman who advocates, fosters, or takes part in the feminist movement.


Okay, rayne, what are you at? Bumbling around Gor online, she"s finding that no one really knows the meaning of the term. Every female slave calls every other female slave
"sister" as if it is just some word with no real meaning. But "sister" indicates a "sister in slavery" as well. Perhaps. But even in using the term that way, you add on to it an acceptance that 1) the other person is a slave and your equal and 2)
you"re able to relate to and care for the person. In most cases, at least the latter is not true.

It"s interesting how similar to true Gorean custom people hold, whether they know it or not. But it"s just a fictional series!
Aye, that it is. But take a look inside a Gorean situation. On Gor (in
the books), if a Free Man, Free Woman, and slave are in the same room,
the Man shows the Woman reverence though She, too, is submissive to
Men. (she hears all the protests of the Women. I am NOT submissive.
Keep telling Yourself that. But in true Gorean custom, a Free Woman is
expected to bow to the will of Free Men and stay out of affairs of Men.
That"s, in a sense, submission.)

Too, the slave shows
the Woman reverence, usually cowering in fear. There is an unspoken
battle between Free Women and slaves, each trying to be more appealing
than the other. What the Free Woman commonly forgets (or chooses to
ignore) is that the Free Men that are interested in them are usually
imagining them in collar and silks. Generally speaking, the slave hates
the Free Woman, not because She is free, but because She cannot or will
not be what She is… female. The Free Woman also hates the slave. The
reason is usually as simple as even the most homely slave gets more
attention from Men than a Free Woman does. But there are others, such
as, Free Women believe slavery and the way that slaves display their
bodies and react to their Master"s touch is shameful.

us also look at another situation. A Master owns two or more slaves, be
they personal or slaves for His Men"s use, and they are all together in
His home. In the books, the girls are constantly taunting each other
and bickering over who is better than the other, playing tricks on each
other and trying to get each other in trouble. Always competing for the
place of first slave in their Master"s home.

All of
this, from this slave"s point of view, happens in day to day life on
IRC. Many will tell you "Oh it"s just role play" but that is far from
what it is. It"s unrelenting, undesireable drama. Girls constantly
backbiting and fighting with people they only moments ago called
"sister" trying to be the most desired in their Master"s home. And all
that"s fine. A little competition does a slave good. It keeps her on
her toes… keeps her striving to be the best she can. But why do we
call each other "sister" if our main intentions are to destroy each

rayne reserves this term, these days, for another
slave that she cares for or respects. Even if she hates the person, if
the person is a good slave and isn"t one of these spoiled princesses
that always have to have their way, rayne acknowledges them as a
"sister in slavery". The same goes for slaves, good or bad, that she
has become close friends with. And right now, out of the 20-30 slaves
she has met since August, there is only one she calls sis.

one gets the need to be important and a vital part of one"s Master"s
life. she gets needing validation. she doesn"t get slaves treating
other slaves like they"re worthless. she doesn"t get the refusal to be
kind and helpful when new slaves are around. Yes, it was done that way
in the books, but in the books it was Free Women being forced into
slavery and made to learn their place as slave. In real life, it"s
people choosing a path they think they should take, trying to follow
it, and being stomped on by bitches that think they"re better than
everyone else. It"s people deciding they can"t hack it because girls
are rude and curt and catty and can"t even so much as say "Here… let
me help you through that serve."

And rayne asks again,
where the hell do these slaves get off thinking that they"re so
special? Where does it say, in any documentation on slavery, that
slaves are better than everyone else and that they can step on whomever
they want being as haughty as they want? This one must have missed it
somewhere in her training. Because as far as she knows, slaves are
supposed to be humble in all things. We should be helping each other
learn and not trying to kill each other off. Because, let"s face it!
There are a lot of Men out there that want slaves. And rayne"s not sure
about the rest of you, but she sure can"t handle them all herself!

rayne"s sister: sissy, rayne loves you to pieces and she"s so thankful
that she met you. she"s glad that you have chosen to continue to try to
figure out who you are and where you stand and she"s especially glad
that you"re allowing her to help you in your journey. she hopes that
you will find what it is you are looking for, no matter where it lies
and prays that you and she will remain friends even if you choose a
different path than the one you are currently walking. It"s good to
have a friend. And rayne is glad it is you.

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