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Christmas in Slavery

December 10th, 2005

rayne figured she"d broach the subject of this holiday of giving as a slave. While she can"t speak for what everyone else does, she can speak for what Master and rayne do.

Master really likes for rayne to enjoy Christmas. He goes out of His
way to make sure things are just the way she wants them. From buying
the tree as soon after Thanksgiving as possible (rayne likes to get the
tree the day after Thanksgiving, but this year it wasn"t really
possible so we"ll be getting it on or around our wedding anniversary)
to letting her pick out a new ornament each year, He tries desperately
to make her happy. And to be honest, until she was with Master, she had
never had a perfect Christmas. Not for lack of trying, mind you. There
was just an emptiness that is filled now.

Every year,
rayne"s mother and father buy us tickets to see Trans-Siberian
Orchestra in concert. This year, we"re six rows back from the stage. If
you don"t know who they are, she seriously suggests that you check them
out. They"re awesome… especially live. They are a group comprised of
the members of Savatage (a rock group) and they do a Christmas tour
every year. While the majority of their music is Christmas in nature,
they also have an album out based on Beethoven and are working on a
Latin album which we are anticipating will be as spectacular as
everything else they"ve done. After the concert, they set up tables
outside of the arena and do a meet and greet. Everyone can get
signatures, say hi, etc. They"re a really great group of people.

bought tickets to Phantom of the Opera for Christmas this year. The
show is on Valentine"s Day, so that day will be perfect as well!

So she hears you all. How does a slave that is never let out of her Master"s sight buy Him a gift for Christmas?
And rayne has found it impossible to do so every year. One year, she
made Him a Christmas ornament. It"s a small jewelry box wrapped up like
a present and filled with love. This year, however, she plans on
stealing (read: begging profusely) some cash from Him and disappearing
(read: begging to be allowed to walk away from Him) for a little while
at the store. The next question is: What the hell does He want for
Christmas??!? rayne has NO idea.

We always have ham for
Christmas and rayne always makes it. This year, however, her father
ordered them a 8-9lb honey glazed ham and a 4-5lb smoked boneless
turkey breast. It"ll be here sometime the week of the 19th. This means
rayne only really has to heat them up. she"s pretty excited about that.
This also means we"re not going to have to spend much more than $20 on
Christmas dinner. That"s friggin awesome! So rayne wants to bake and is
planning on working on a list of things she wants to bake.

tries desperately to make Christmas as perfect as possible too. From
picking out the cutest ornament (in her mind) for the tree, to finding
ways to show how much she loves her Master. He loves Christmas so much
and she loves to make sure that each year is better than the last. This
year, she hopes to be able to dazzle Him with Christmas spirit!

she understands the thought process many of you are having in reading this. Why
does He try so hard to please you? Why would a Master go out of His way
for His slave? Master"s don"t have to give slaves gifts. It"s not a
requirement for Him to even allow you to celebrate Christmas.
The list of questions and arguments is probably endless.

fact of the matter is, while we can (and do) remain in our Master/slave
roles 24/7, we are also Husband and wife. While rayne is slave, she is
also human. And even the slaves on Gor were given gifts occasionally.
Christmas is a very important holiday to Master. And He likes for His
slave/wife to enjoy it as well. He enjoys her happiness.

way rayne sees it: Sure… a Man can refuse to allow His slave to
celebrate Christmas. He can treat His slave as badly as He wants. she"s
His property and His to do with as He pleases. But a miserable slave
leads to a miserable household. Because no matter how well behaved she
is, it is always obvious that she serves out of obligation and not
enjoyment or gratitude. Happy slaves serve better. They"re more eager
to serve, more interested in making the Free they serve happy, get more
enjoyment out of being pleasing.


rayne can"t wait for Christmas! And she"s put the beginning of a new story up! Happy Holidays everyone 🙂

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