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December 4th, 2005

Slaves are not “yes men”.

Don’t agree? Let’s look at this for a minute. While slaves are required to be obedient and pleasing, they are not, in most circumstances, required to hold the same opinions as the free they serve or are around. As a matter of fact, I’m not required to hold the same opinions as Master. Generally speaking, I do, but there are some things I see differently.

Isn’t it considered disrespectful for a slave to speak out against her Master’s (or any free’s) opinion?

If she isn’t included in the discussion and/or isn’t asked for her opinion, then yes, generally speaking, it is. However, if a free asked her what she thought, then it would also be disrespectful for her to lie or to refuse to answer the question (which is an addendum to my last post).

Where is this coming from?

I thought you’d never ask. Today I realized that I’m not going to get away with the “yes man” answers that I’m used to spouting anymore. When Master asks my opinion of things or what I want to do or eat I usually say “Whatever you want… I don’t care.” or “Whatever pleases Master.” Tonight that was met with a resounding “I asked what you thought. Not for you to repeat to me what I just said.”

The result?

No more just telling Master what He wants to hear. No more spouting the “proper” thing for a slave to say. No more reciting all the memorized responses I have built up in the filing cabinet of my mind. He wants to hear my opinion. If He didn’t, He wouldn’t ask.

Master is one of the few, it seems, that doesn’t want a robot. He wants me to think and feel and make decisions. For truly, if a slave can’t make their own decisions how can you trust them to follow your rules? So all these skills that people learn growing up are important. Just as knowing how to express thoughts, feelings, and decisions is important. Which brings me to my next point.

If you have a new slave (not new to you… new to slavery) and you plan to make her express her opinions, I would suggest (It is merely a suggestion, not a directive – don’t get your panties in a bunch) that you brace yourself for what comes out of her mouth. There are MANY possibilities.

She could say what she thinks you want to hear, or babble incessantly about what she thinks and why and how no one will ever change her mind, or out right bash the opinion you hold – maybe knowingly. And while you could punish her for being disrespectful, it would, in my opinion (for that’s what this place is for), be wrong to punish her for the opinion she has stated or the expression of such.

However… a slave should learn (and quickly, if she wants to keep her head) how to state her opinion in a respectful manner. ESPECIALLY if she’s in the habit of giving it without being asked.

Typically, when free are talking, slaves stay out of it unless they are asked to join in. At which time, if it is expected they share an opinion, they should do it without trying to steam roll any free that might have a different opinion than they do. Don’t belly up to some free that you think is sexy and just spout off what they want to hear. If you/re asked for your opinion, give it. Just do it without bashing someone else for having a differing opinion.

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