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The Best Policy?

December 2nd, 2005

Is honesty really the best way to go for a slave? This question was broached today in the Den. she hears the Free yelling Absolutely! A slave should never be dishonest. And naturally, the slaves, too, are yelling that. So let"s pull up a situation. The answer will still be the same, she"s sure. But just what if:

slave meanders into a situation that includes both Free and slave
alike and one of the Free is someone she does not like. she leaves,
tells another slave the problem, who promptly relays the information to
her Master (cause hey… we"re not allowed to keep secrets from them…
sorry). her Master tells the Free who calls the first slave on lying
about her reason for leaving when she returns.

Now here"s
where the question of honesty comes in. When the slave was asked why
she didn"t like the Master in question, should she have been completely
honest with Him about it right there in open channel as He had demanded
of her? The answer, obviously, is yes. But what came into play with her
is the conflicting rule that a Free is always right and a slave is
never to express her unhappiness with a Free, etc. Either way she spun
it, she was going to be in trouble.

rayne"s advice? a)
Don"t tell an owned slave things you don"t want others to know. Owned
slaves don"t have the right to keep private information private and
their Masters have no obligation to keep private conversations between
slaves private. b) When a Free asks for something, be honest and give
it to them. If you get in trouble, deal with it.

A slave
shouldn"t make judgements about a Free anyway. rayne is by no means
innocent of this, though she tries. Who are we to say which Free is
better? Where do we get off?

Anyway… that"s it for today.

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