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November 30th, 2005

If you”re wondering, dear reader, where yesterday’s blog is, Master changed it back to every other day. Since today is an “other day” I have to think of something to write.

Strength! Yes! I’ll write about strength. Strength??!? What does strength have to do with slavery??!?! [mumble]Shut-up, dad.[/mumble] (Sometimes I freak myself out) ARGH!!!! Too hyper. WAAAAAAAY too hyper. You guys are now seeing me in the height of my upswings (Did I mention I’m bipolar?).

ANYWAY! Strength. What does slavery have to do with strength? Master says to me whenever I’m feeling weak and helpless “I wouldn’t own something that was weak.” It’s all the little silly things like that that make me love Him to pieces.

In any case, strength has much to do with slavery. For while we’re weak and helpless in comparison to our owners, we must be able to stand on our own if the occasion calls for it.

Okay, I’m not feeling that topic… We’ll try it another day.

And straight into – I want a sister.

Who cares what you want, slave? What does Master want?

Yes, but you see, you don’t understand. I’ve never wanted a sister before. Sure, I’ve wanted to play with other girls (I am bi – sheesh… Yes, still hyper), but that’s where the desire ended. After everyone involved got their respective parts off, she could go home and I didn’t much care whether or not we ever heard from her again (How many times do I have to tell you? I’m a bitch!)

Now, however, I want a chain sister… desperately. Master said, “If I do collar another girl, she’ll more than likely pay more attention to me than you. You’ll hate that.” And the first thing out of my mouth was “No, I wouldn’t, Master.” and the first thought in my head was “Hey, what do ya know? That’s the truth!”

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not the most important thing in the world. The universe doesn’t revolve around a little slave girl. And while it does revolve around Master, that only makes me part of the universe, not what it revolves around. And He deserves to have more slave girls in it. And I want a sister.

Catty, bitchy, jealous bitches need not apply. It’s pointless to attempt to be part of Master’s life if your intention is to try to take Him from me as I am His wife and He has said more than once He will not leave me for another slave. If He finds another slave He wants, He will add her to His chain… nothing more. And I will belong to Him forever.

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