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November 28th, 2005

Ever made a girl surrender completely to your will? rayne doesn't mean you told her to do something she didn't particularly want to do and she did it without question, going through the motions she must to achieve the outcome you desired. Surrender is something much deeper than that. To fully surrender, to completely let go is something much different. It doesn't always happen every day and it's rarely done the first time you're with someone. If you've done it, what does it feel like? This one always wonders what it feels like when a Master learns He is in complete control.

How bout you, girls? Ever been made to surrender completely? Gods
she hopes so. If not… you're missing out. It"s one of the most
amazing feelings a slave can have, in this one's opinion. It makes you

This one gave herself completely to her Master a
long time ago. Everything she is and everything she will be belongs to
Him. But even that is different than the type of surrender she is
speaking of. For this surrender is something that must be taken and
forced and exacted (no, rayne doesn't mean rape) and it takes
experience and knowing your lover – knowing how to play each chord
until they lay quivering in your hands, completely and utterly yours.
And sometimes, it must be done more than once. And when it happens – at
least in this slave's point of view – it is the most wonderful,
unmistakable feeling in the world.

rayne always feels
like she's betraying her gender when she whispers these dark, dirty
secrets to you, dear reader. For a woman truly is an ocean (and she's
sure a man is as well) with all its different astounding depths and
crushing pressures. Her lover must have some sort of protection to
delve into her deepest secrets for they can, at times, be devastating.
And in all her feminine glory, she craves to be made to surrender. John
Norman hit the nail right on the head with that scrumptious little
morsel of information. No matter how hard a woman fights it, secretly,
in her heart of hearts, she aches, yearns, hungers, thirsts – there
isn't a single word strong enough to describe the feeling – to be made
to surrender. If only once and where no one will ever see or find out
except her lover, she is dying to feel it.

Master did it
to her last night. He does it quite often, so exquisite a lover is He,
but last night is still fresh in her mind. rayne never knows quite how
He does it but she never fails to notice the transition. And please
don't mistake surrender for orgasm. A girl doesn't have to cum to
surrender, and often the surrender is more complete if she is denied
release. For, wouldn't it be easier to let go when the outcome is
something you enjoy so deliciously?

A more thorough
explanation? *blush* rayne hates doing this because it reveals more
about herself than she cares for people to know. Quite possibly more
than Master knows, though she doubts it. There are times when, though
rayne is horny as hell and really wants to fuck, she doesn't always
want to do it the way Master wants to. So she goes through the motions,
following His lead, doing her best to please Him in hopes that later
His desires will coincide with her own. Last night was a prime example
of this.

When things started, she was hoping they would
escalate from a blow job to Him riding her hard, almost raping her,
taking every moment of His pleasure by force, making her surrender. she
needed to surrender – and yet, need is so weak a word. And while she
understands now that she wouldn't have really been surrendering had He
done things her way, last night she was frustrated.

so, in her own quiet little way, she threw a tantrum (she's rarely
quiet about it) which consisted of her holding back. He would dig His
nails into her flesh, and she'd refuse to even whimper when it was
painful. No moans of pleasure if she liked it. And while she was
sucking His cock to the best of her ability, she wasn't going about it
in her usual hungry way. It didn't last long. He might not have even
noticed it. And yet, she's not sure where the transition took place.

remembers Him slapping her back twice. she remembers crying out. And
the next thing she remembers is curling to His side and sucking
hungrily at His thick shaft hoping it would be hours before He came,
moaning softly at the feel of His nails raking over her skin and
writhing beneath every touch of His flesh to hers. Suddenly He was
riding her mouth hard, almost raping her, taking every moment of His
pleasure by force, making her surrender. her pussy was dripping, her
body strumming with arrousal, and she had no thoughts in her head of
her own pleasure whatsoever. she wasn't interested in cumming. she had
surrendered. Gods it was a wonderful feeling. And it only gets better
each time.

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