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The Den and Other Random Stuff

November 26th, 2005

We had lots of people in the Den today. It was pretty cool 🙂 Decent conversation and… NO drama! Imagine that! It"s looking like the Den is gonna be a pretty cool place to hang out. We"re hoping we can seriously up the amount of people that hang out in it. The only issue is going to be getting the slaves to behave. Especially the ones that come in under the pretense that they are Master"s or rayne"s friend.

It"s not "behaving" that will be the issue so much as holding them
to the rules. For some reason, people think that if they"re friends
with Master, He won"t hold them by the same standards that He holds His
own slave by. And in a way, it"s true, as rayne is held to higher
standards than most any slave she has ever come in contact with. But
not for the reasons they think.

This one is finding
herself growing more and more impatient with females these days.
Especially ones that have decided they want to be part of Master"s
life. It"s not jealousy – not by a long shot. And it"s not the fact
that they want to be with Him (who wouldn"t?!? He"s a spectacular
Master!). It"s that they all, every last one, find it easier to be
around Him if they pretend rayne doesn"t exist.

okay, if she"s an online slave (or whatever)… whatever. rayne doesn"t
exist, fine (though that would even be difficult to pretend if she
intends to be in the same channels as Him because rayne is almost
always with Him). He doesn"t play online – no cybersex, no scenes… so
you girls have fun with that.

However, if a girl plans
on coming to Master irl? Well then we"ve got a bit of a problem, don"t
we? Because Master"s not going to leave His wife (and rl slave) to be
with someone else. rayne will always exist in His life. she will never
understand why anyone would get involved with a married Man, knowing
that He will always be with His wife and she will always be first,
unless they want a poly relationship. In which case, great! Let"s all
be happy together! As you can see, dear reader, it has yet to work out
this way.


Anyway – rant over with! Back to the Den! What is the Den???
you"re asking. Or, if you read Master"s blog as well as rayne"s, then
you already know. Assuming that you haven"t read Master"s blog, Here is
the description rayne wrote:


Let me tell you of the
place I have come to call Home. Coming through the front door, you find
yourself standing in a large, pentagon-shaped room bedecked with horns
and heads of captured prey. In the morning, smells of baking biscuits,
vulo eggs, roasting tarsk and fresh blackwine waft from the kitchen. In
the evening, you can smell bosk steaks and fresh desserts mingled with
warming paga and kalda.

Glancing around
you will see a massive temwood table, at the head of which sits a chair
of such splendor that no other could occupy it but the owner of the
house. In the side of the left front leg is mounted a slave ring,
should he wish to keep his girl near during his meal. Along each side
are dozens of smaller versions of the first to seat his guests, each
also having their own ring.

In the
center of the room is a large sand pit with two temwood poles, rather
far apart, running vertically from floor to ceiling. Across the pit,
there are a number of furs of varying colors and sizes scattered about
with low tables between them. Voices and vessels clash in a strange
sort of banter. Pull up an empty fur and get comfortable. A slave will
be with you shortly.

A large fire pit,
mostly for warmth and decoration, sits just beyond the furs. Slightly
to the left of the fire is a small group of musicians playing melodies
for the slaves to dance to and taking requests from the Free. On the
other side of the fire, there is a door leading to the hall of alcoves,
to which Free may bring their conquests for a small fee. We have paga
girls if you"re interested.

To the right
of the door is a large opening leading into the kitchen. Inside is
where the slaves prepare food and drinks well within view of the Free
they serve. There is a cold room holding any beverage or food a person
could want, including many delicacies from Earth. It is rumored that
Melen keeps a supply of Falarian hiding somewhere in the pantry but
none, save those who order it, have found it.

Through the side door, the vegetable garden and animal pens are kept,
the path of which leads to a small kalana thicket. In the center, one
can find a small flower patch which rayne{LL} tends frequently. A
natural stream runs through the thicket bubbling over a small cascade
the girl built to create an exotic feel to the garden. Water is drawn
from here daily and kept in the cold room.

On the wall opposite the kitchen, there"s a large door leading to
another hall. Behind this door, chambers of the Home"s family are kept.
You will find Melen"s room, the largest of the bunch, at the end of the
hall. In each room there is a bed, a large wardrobe, a trunk of fresh
linens and a slave ring mounted in the floor. Some rooms are still
vacant. Should you choose to claim one, welcome Home.


The Den"s real name is #Rarius_Den and it is a channel on
irc.bondage.com. All are welcome so long as they behave according to
the guidelines outlined in Askari (our bot). Askari holds the rules,
the description, a dictionary (with a customized Gorean dictionary),
and a registry. Master asks that all register with the bot. This is
only to let everyone know your gender and can be done simply by typing
!registerhelp in private to Askari, who will then give you instructions
on how to register as each respective station. We hope to see you all

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