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Daily Task List

November 25th, 2005

Yesterday, I noticed Master writing something on the whiteboard but I didn’t pay much attention. I looked at it today and noticed that it’s headed with “Daily Task List for slave”.

Shit – oops.

What’s up there so far:

1. Read the news for 30 minutes *shiver*

2. Check website forums (this due to her failure to notice Master Sean’s posts – again, I’m extremely sorry)

3. Post in blog

So my next thought (after Shit – oops.) is “Post in blog? Everyday??!? What could I possibly have to say about slavery and/or to my readers everyday?” The answer to that, obviously, is “You better think of something because Master said everyday.” So I hope I don’t get too repetitive or babble too much. I’d really like to up my fan base and to do this I have to refrain from being too boring.

A quick response to checking my forum – Master Sean, I did see your entry asking me to give details on my early training. This might take a while and I apologize for the delay. I’ve been training over a period of three years and don’t remember exactly how everything was done so much as the lessons that I learned. I plan on going through my early journal entries to see if they will assist my memory at all. In any case, I will get the response to you as quickly as possible.

And now, a thought (Yes, unfortunately for those of you that believe slaves are mindless, we do think – I’m still a bit bitter about that comment from the free woman that told the men “Free women do everything better.” Ooo… that thought will have to follow this thought). Ever read something, then find out it’s true and have it suddenly hit home that everyone is [something] than you? Better… worse off… happier… sadder… more content… more jealous… The possibilities of the [something] are endless. That was it… that’s the end of that thought.

And now, the aforementioned thought about the free woman’s comments. How to do this respectfully….

A free woman came into #the_Warriors_Hall the other day and started spouting off about how men need free women and can’t live without them. Babbled on and on about how free women do everything better and slaves are mindless and emotionless.

While I understand the hierarchy (How could I not?), I don’t understand how a person can believe they are better than someone else simply because they have chosen a different station in life. That’s like saying the high-powered, rich businessman who embezzles is a better person than the garbage man who does what he’s good at and what he knows and makes an honest living to support his family. While the two comparisons may seem apples and oranges, I think they’re very much the same.

I get the “looking down her nose” part of being a free woman. I see where a free woman would be insulted by the idea of a slave. On Gor (and in many online Gor situations), every free woman is potentially a slave. What I don’t get is the need to be horrible to slaves – to make them feel less than worthless for simply existing.

And I know “People don’t have to be nice to slaves.” Slaves are to strive to be as pleasing as possible no matter the situation. If they haven’t pleased a free person, even if they don’t understand their mistake, they are to try harder to do so. Knowing that, though, doesn’t help me to understand what a person could get out of happily destroying another person for no apparent reason.

Which brings me to defensive slaves. Because of the vast amount of hatred between free women and slaves in the Gorean lifestyle (especially in the books and the people who choose to roleplay Gorean FW/slaves to a T online), I see a lot of slaves online immediately on the defensive when a mistress is around. I don’t claim to be perfect in this area. I quite often raises my guard when free women enter a home I’m in. Especially after my latest encounter with the free woman I was just speaking of.

And I suppose raising one’s guard is expected and necessary and really isn’t the problem I was thinking of. The problem would be the slaves that go into a hissing and spitting frenzy when a free woman starts babbling. And they could be saying exactly the same thing that a free man has just said, but because it’s a woman saying it, the slave is immediately and irrevocably defensive. And let a slave for even a minute think that the FW is hiding her own slave tendencies. It’s all over then. It’s worse than panthers and slaves.

Sometimes I want to scream “This isn’t Gor! You weren’t forced to be in which ever walk of life you are in. You chose your path. So why are you so god damned bitter in it?” The nice thing about life is the only final decision is death, and one rarely makes that decision consciously. If you’ve chosen to be slave and you decide that it’s not who you are, you have the ability to change the casing of the first letter of your name and be free. If you’ve chosen to be free and are not happy with that choice, for god’s sake remove your cap!

Not so easy in real life? Wrong. Man made divorce to make these things simpler. Sometimes people make the wrong decisions. It’s part of what humans are. While it may be painful and send you into the unknown, you’ve decided you want to delve into the unknown so take the plunge. Staying with someone because it’s “safe” to do so can be just as painful as leaving them to be who you are. But isn’t honesty better?

Be true to yourself. *shrug* It’s a hard lesson to learn, but it’s an important one.

I feel like I should throw up some disclaimer… Then I remember there is one in my about me – These are my thoughts… take them with a grain of salt. 

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