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No Make Believe

November 6th, 2005

rayne doesn't pretend to understand why people are the way that they are. she does what she can to sit back and let them hang themselves. But for some reason, lately, people have been intent on making sure they destroy her other friendships while they're at it. It's second grade all over again. When Shawna was refusing to be her friend because she was talking to Melissa and Shawna hated Melissa. *rolls eyes*

Somewhere in all this, we have lost the idea that this is an "adult
lifestyle". We act like children with toys, and all the toys are ours
whether they have our names on them or someone elses. We get angry when
someone says we are wrong, our ego is permanently damaged, and we lash
out. We forget that Gor is about honor and respect, and we do all we
can to tear each other down as if we cannot exist unless we are highest
on the totem pole. And this one does mean "we" because these are acts
taken by Free and slave alike.

With the Free it seems to
be "The Free that has the biggest cock, blugeons the most people with
their egos, and owns the most slaves wins." With the slaves it is "The
slave that manages to lead a Master around by His cock, causes the most
trouble for their sister, gets the most attention, and is the biggest
drama queen wins." We can't merely exist together. We have to scramble
and step on each other until we've completley shattered any hint of
competition. And when did the line between Master and slave get
blurred? This one always thought it was pretty distinct.

lie and cheat and steal. We "kill" each other over petty issues intent
on making one another look bad. We refuse to correct our mistakes
because somehow we've convinced ourselves that admitting we are wrong
is showing weakness. Admitting we are wrong is not weak. It takes a
strong person to admit they are wrong. It takes an even stronger person
to stand firm and accept the reprocussions of their actions.

these things are very simple philosophies of life. These are things
that humans in general should follow. If you take away the Master/slave
aspects, there is still the idea of honor and respect. There is still
the matter of accepting responsibility for ones actions and admitting
when one is wrong. These aren't just Gorean philosophies. These are
things that are taught to real Earth children starting at a very young
age. Where have they gotten lost?

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