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Random Wonders

October 22nd, 2005

Ever look at a person passing you on the street, and wonder what makes them tick?

Ever wonder why a simple hello will make one person go into a fit of jealousy, while another will happily watch their significant other have sex with someone else?

Or wonder why a single inviolate action will enrage one person and make another smile? Or why at just the right moment, the same action will make the same people have the opposite reaction?

Ever notice that no one ever reacts to something the same way twice? While the reactions may seem similar, there’s always at least some tiny little detail that changes.

Ever see someone you’ve never even so much as glimpsed out of the corner of your eye before and wish against wish they didn’t look so sad, no matter their race, creed, gender, or age?

Ever lay eyes on someone who appears to have nothing that you don’t already have (be it looks, possessions, happiness) for the first time and hate them for no apparent reason?

Ever wonder what makes someone you’ve never met so arrogant that they think they know who you are?

Ever hear a voice and know you know it, hear it everyday in fact, but not be able to place who it belongs to?

Ever look at your best friend in the whole world and suddenly realize that you don’t like them very much – that you never really did? Ever glance at someone you just met and know that they’re going to have a huge beneficial impact on your life?

Ever listen to someone state their opinion of you and not have anything to say because you know they’re right?

Ever know exactly what to say to someone to make their day brighter, but hold your tongue secretly enjoying their agony?

Ever wish you were perfect? Ever try as hard as you can to be?

Ever wonder what makes you tick?

Ever want so badly to die that you can’t stand to breathe another breath? Then hold your breath and realize you don’t want to die anymore? Did you breathe after?

Ever wonder why people are so curious that they hop in some sort of motorized vehicle and travel to any sort of uncharted area they can find or tear apart innocent creatures because they want to know what’s inside or get in a space shuttle and fly to the moon? Ever get nervous when they’re not? Wonder what they’re up to?

I do. I’ve done all of it. 

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