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Discipline Essay: The Difference Between a Jarl and a Master

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WritingAssignmentIconThe purpose of this essay is to discuss the differences between a jarl and a master, teaching me how divergent they are and why I should be more careful when addressing each respectively. To do this, I had to first research both titles to see what they mean specifically, how and when they are applied, and where the opposing factors lie. While the main difference between a jarl and a master is location, there is much other distinct diversity as well, such as customs and beliefs. I will point out some of the anomalies I have found in the following paragraphs of this essay.

“Jarl”, loosely translated, is a title for a leader of warriors or an independent land owner of the male persuasion. They reside in Torvaldsland and are usually farmers but are also known to pillage and plunder, sometimes by way of sea, very much like the Vikings of Earth. They are rarely seen without a weapon, even if it is just a knife carried in their belt.

“Master”, on the other hand, is usually used loosely to address any free man south of Torvaldsland either by a slave or a person of lower caste than the man to whom they speak. Generally speaking, a master can be anyone. Any free man, regardless of caste or creed or color can own a slave and thus be regarded as a master.

All slaves refer to a free man of the northern land, known as Torvaldsland, as “jarl”. Jarls, because of their vicious upbringing, are known to be harder than most southern masters, on slaves and free alike. Because of location, farming, while the main way of life, is difficult
and often does not provide enough to survive by. This turns the men to the sea, acting much like pirates or Vikings, fighting their way to the top, and making their own access to what they need in order to survive. Young boys of Torvaldsland are taught to be tough, fierce warriors in harsh games, learning to swim, run, wield a sword and axe, throw a spear and stand against steel completely unnerved, even when wounded. Read more…

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