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No Sympathy

October 11th, 2005

This one has come to the interesting conclusion that she seriously doesn't like to be told not to express emotion or show concern. As interesting as robot slaves must be, rayne apparently isn't one. When someone she cares for, in any respect, is upset or in need, she feels obligated to come to their aid so long as she is capable and not busy with something regarding Master. Then to be told not to show emotion in public… well, robot slave she is not.

And having someone constantly checking up on her… sort of annoys her. she's a big girl. she knows what she's supposed to be doing. she knows where she's supposed to be. And she really doesn't need people watching her every step.

And for her final thought for the day (so long as she doesn't have another)… this one really doesn't like change. Or not knowing how things are done in a place she is brought to. Once she's comfortable and gets moved… it makes her all sorts of squeamish. *sigh*

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