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she WON!

October 1st, 2005

The Kaverns" beginners" dance competition! rayne won!

One can see the results of all the levels of the dance contests here:

The contest won"t be over till this evening, when the intermediate and advanced dancers compete. This one can"t wait to watch them dance and gage her ability against theirs since she has to dance intermediate in the next contest she competes in. Being only yellow silk and dancing against red silk, she thinks, will prove difficult, but she"s not going to think about that now. Leave it for when the time comes, if she even lets it cross her mind then.

If anyone is interested, join us today for the festivities. We"re on bondage.com in #Koroban_Kaverns. Please be sure that if you join you are respectful as this is a day of celebration and fun for our family there. Understand it is a Gorean channel, so if you have issues with the Gorean lifestyle, you have been warned, and it probably wouldn"t be in your best interest to go. They will kickban without prejudice, and Master and rayne will explain that just because you"ve seen their website, doesn"t mean they know who you are. This site can, obviously, be pulled up in any search engine, so anyone can find it without too much difficulty.

With regards to her post about trouble in the Kaverns, things have been resolved. Some of the issue was a misunderstanding, and the rest was people overstepping their bounds, both of which will happen in any channel as in any rl family. Everything has been put back in order, our new Kos (Keeper of slaves) is actually a longtime member of the family, Master Ty`nan. He took the position back when the Kos before Him was removed, and we are thankful and happy to have Him back. Without a doubt, things will be running smoothly again in no time.

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