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Random Wonders

October 22nd, 2005 No comments

Ever look at a person passing you on the street, and wonder what makes them tick?

Ever wonder why a simple hello will make one person go into a fit of jealousy, while another will happily watch their significant other have sex with someone else?

Or wonder why a single inviolate action will enrage one person and make another smile? Or why at just the right moment, the same action will make the same people have the opposite reaction?

Ever notice that no one ever reacts to something the same way twice? While the reactions may seem similar, there’s always at least some tiny little detail that changes.

Ever see someone you’ve never even so much as glimpsed out of the corner of your eye before and wish against wish they didn’t look so sad, no matter their race, creed, gender, or age?

Ever lay eyes on someone who appears to have nothing that you don’t already have (be it looks, possessions, happiness) for the first time and hate them for no apparent reason?

Ever wonder what makes someone you’ve never met so arrogant that they think they know who you are?

Ever hear a voice and know you know it, hear it everyday in fact, but not be able to place who it belongs to?

Ever look at your best friend in the whole world and suddenly realize that you don’t like them very much – that you never really did? Ever glance at someone you just met and know that they’re going to have a huge beneficial impact on your life?

Ever listen to someone state their opinion of you and not have anything to say because you know they’re right?

Ever know exactly what to say to someone to make their day brighter, but hold your tongue secretly enjoying their agony?

Ever wish you were perfect? Ever try as hard as you can to be?

Ever wonder what makes you tick?

Ever want so badly to die that you can’t stand to breathe another breath? Then hold your breath and realize you don’t want to die anymore? Did you breathe after?

Ever wonder why people are so curious that they hop in some sort of motorized vehicle and travel to any sort of uncharted area they can find or tear apart innocent creatures because they want to know what’s inside or get in a space shuttle and fly to the moon? Ever get nervous when they’re not? Wonder what they’re up to?

I do. I’ve done all of it. 
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Discipline Essay: The Difference Between a Jarl and a Master

October 21st, 2005 Comments off

WritingAssignmentIconThe purpose of this essay is to discuss the differences between a jarl and a master, teaching me how divergent they are and why I should be more careful when addressing each respectively. To do this, I had to first research both titles to see what they mean specifically, how and when they are applied, and where the opposing factors lie. While the main difference between a jarl and a master is location, there is much other distinct diversity as well, such as customs and beliefs. I will point out some of the anomalies I have found in the following paragraphs of this essay.

“Jarl”, loosely translated, is a title for a leader of warriors or an independent land owner of the male persuasion. They reside in Torvaldsland and are usually farmers but are also known to pillage and plunder, sometimes by way of sea, very much like the Vikings of Earth. They are rarely seen without a weapon, even if it is just a knife carried in their belt.

“Master”, on the other hand, is usually used loosely to address any free man south of Torvaldsland either by a slave or a person of lower caste than the man to whom they speak. Generally speaking, a master can be anyone. Any free man, regardless of caste or creed or color can own a slave and thus be regarded as a master.

All slaves refer to a free man of the northern land, known as Torvaldsland, as “jarl”. Jarls, because of their vicious upbringing, are known to be harder than most southern masters, on slaves and free alike. Because of location, farming, while the main way of life, is difficult
and often does not provide enough to survive by. This turns the men to the sea, acting much like pirates or Vikings, fighting their way to the top, and making their own access to what they need in order to survive. Young boys of Torvaldsland are taught to be tough, fierce warriors in harsh games, learning to swim, run, wield a sword and axe, throw a spear and stand against steel completely unnerved, even when wounded. Read more…

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A Good Slave

October 20th, 2005 No comments

A Jarl (Gorean Man from Torvaldsland – The Difference Between a Jarl and a Master) recently said to rayne, "you are a good slave. you"re not afraid to show your desire for your Master." He said that it"s in everything rayne does. And while her first thought was, "Really? Hmm." (not sarcastic… she seriously didn"t realize it until He said something), what she said was, "How could she not?"

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The Kaverns

October 16th, 2005 No comments

We’re not there anymore. Apparently, there is no reason. They just felt like replacing Master as an op. No biggie. Was never really “home” to me anyway. It was “the place I went cause Master was there”.

Just wanted to put an update here. Nothing really of interest to tell, except that I loves Master more than He loves me. *shrug* 🙂
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No Sympathy

October 11th, 2005 No comments

This one has come to the interesting conclusion that she seriously doesn't like to be told not to express emotion or show concern. As interesting as robot slaves must be, rayne apparently isn't one. When someone she cares for, in any respect, is upset or in need, she feels obligated to come to their aid so long as she is capable and not busy with something regarding Master. Then to be told not to show emotion in public… well, robot slave she is not.

And having someone constantly checking up on her… sort of annoys her. she's a big girl. she knows what she's supposed to be doing. she knows where she's supposed to be. And she really doesn't need people watching her every step.

And for her final thought for the day (so long as she doesn't have another)… this one really doesn't like change. Or not knowing how things are done in a place she is brought to. Once she's comfortable and gets moved… it makes her all sorts of squeamish. *sigh*
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What’s to Tell….

October 9th, 2005 No comments

Master and I celebrated the third anniversary of His collaring of me on the sixth. I danced for Him. I’ll be sure to put the dance up soon… hopefully sometime today.

Yesterday was Master’s birthday. I made Him a card and sent Him two from Hallmark (that He STILL hasn’t read). He had to work, unfortunately, so we were at His office all day.

Master is threatening to start being “mean” again if I don”t straighten up. My mouth is getting away with me again and I’m not really completely sure why. For a split second, I think part of it might have been a bit of jealousy. I’m not sure I can go into detail there because I haven’t  been told what was decided. If I’m allowed, I’ll write again later.

But then I realized I really have nothing to be jealous of. Master and I are married. And no one will ever get something I don’t. Except maybe if He found a free companion. Then the woman would be getting freedom. But I don’t WANT freedom. So what does that matter? And I will always have something they don’t (being married to Him… being His forever, no matter what).

Even with reading the books, I’ve never harbored any thoughts or desires of being freed. I’ve never wanted to be a “free companion”. I can’t imagine what it would be like to not be able to be who I am. And who I am is slave. I was born to serve a man. I was born to be slave. It’s in my blood. I’ve never known any desire to ever cut me so deeply. So who cares if He takes a woman that is free?

And besides… free women have to behave with dignity and not show a bit of sluttiness. They have to act all proper and have all sorts of responsibility. What fun is that?

So, the jealousy went away. And I was still being bitchy. My only thought for a reason would be “It’s THAT TIME” (dun dun dun). When Aunt Flow rears her ugly head, I’m not a nice person.

Guess it’s time to go looking for the “THAT TIME happy pills” again. They worked WONDERS! 
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