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Once In A While

September 30th, 2005

I think about things that I could do if only I put my mind to it. I look at the things I’ve started and never finished and realize that if I’d only completed them ages ago, they might have taken me somewhere I’d never dreamed. Then I understand that it’s not too late. That if I put my mind to it, I can still finish the projects and perhaps go those places.

For my next trick, I stare at a blank screen pondering what I should say next in a blog that will only ever help people to see the opinions which don’t matter of a slave who never learns from simple mistakes. Finally, I muster up all my courage and energy, open all the things I shoulda/coulda, get all my dreams in order….

and do…


Ew… I just learned a very valuable lesson about HTML. Close your containers before line breaks, else they don’t close! Hmm… perhaps I’ll start teaching myself HTML again. I have so much I want/need to do I never know where to start. I’m pretty sure that if I do everything like I’m supposed to, I might be able to go to bed sometime around 3am and I might even be tired by then. So here goes nothing.

Minus my morning workout (which I can’t do yet because of the surgery), today I will:

1) Read the news for an hour

2) Study my school work for an hour

3) Work on my rules for an hour

4) Study HTML for an hour

5) Start working on a Samhain ritual

6) Go over my dance one last time and make any changes necessary

7) Once this is finished, I will have posted on my blog

8) Read through the story I’m working on making into a novel and try to write some

9) Get together the things I plan on putting together as a short story/poetry book

10) Try to write some poetry as it’s been months since I’ve written anything besides a serve

11) Search for a free program similar to Adobe that will make a .pdf file in certain page sizes

12) Start searching for agents and publishing companies in my area, even if I don’t make any decisions or calls for a while. 


Hmm… she thinks that’s it for now.

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