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Surgery and Irritation

September 27th, 2005

rayne's been slacking on her blog and for that she apologizes. she's been very ill, which resulted in a trip to the hospital and surgery. This one had extreme pancreatitis, they had to cut gall stones out of her liver and then remove her gall bladder but first the pancreatitis had to die down enough so they starved her for three days.

This one's in a bit of a snit right now. she feels she's basically been
told that the Kaverns aren't her home anymore because of something she
has no control over. Master took her out of class because the new Kos
isn't someone He wants training her. So she was removed from the bot…
she no longer has the ability to read messages and her description was
removed. The rason this bothers her is because she feels it says she's
no longer a slave of the kaverns, she can no longer call the kaverns
home. Since her Master is a keeper there, that's sort of bull shit. In
any case… Just a slave's opinion… nothing to see here, move along.

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