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her Very own Furs

September 8th, 2005

Today Master Savage, First Sword of the Kaverns, gave rayne a gift. It was very unexpected and she is extremely grateful. We'll start at the beginning because it just occurred to this one that she forgot to mention something very important.

Gorean slaves wear silks, as many know, and they are of many
different colors. The main colors, though, are white, yellow, and red
and are used to denote status in training. White, on Gor, is worn by a
virgin and a girl without training. On IRC it is usually used only to
denote a girl without training or sometimes to show a girl is
restricted to her Master's use. In the Kaverns, the latter is mentioned
in the whois and girls are given silk levels to show their level of

Yellow silks on Gor are tavern slaves, that
kneel in nadu, and their sexual use is included in the price of the
bowl of paga. On IRC, it indicates they can warm laps, kiss, be teased,
and kneel nadu, but they need permission from the tavern owner or their
protector to alcove. In the Kaverns, a yellow silk is about midway
through their training and striving to become red silk.

silks on Gor means they are no longer virgins. Their bodies have been
opened to men and they may have some training in pleasure dances. On
IRC, there is a plethora of meanings, including a well trained passion
slave that knows much about service, dancing, etc. If a girl is owned
by a tavern (channel), her uses are determined by the Slave Keeper of
the tavern. If she is owned by a private Master, her use is determined
by Him.

The reason for this lesson is, rayne forgot to
make a very important announcement. This one now wears a yellow armband
to indicate that she has risen to the yellow silk level in her
training. she was incredibly surprised and extremely excited when she
was told. Master asked Master Savage what color silk rayne was and
Master Savage told Master she was white silk as she had no training.
Not long after, no more than a week, Master Savage said "Bro, I think
rayne should be wearing yellow now, unless You like white."

Now back to the gift.

rayne had just finished serving a Mistress and went to kneel at the
serving furs to watch her Home, when Master Savage went to the storage
room to look for something. When He returned, He was carrying a box and
He walked right up to this one looking her over. He asked rayne if she
had been good and she said she thought she had.

exchange was interupted briefly by Master Ty. He is in the process of
adopting twins and the girl went into labor! rayne just wanted to take
a moment to say – Congratulations, Master Ty, on Your marriage and on
the twins! This girl wishes You the best of luck!

Master Ty left, Master Savage opened the box and gave rayne "a somewhat
large white slave fur, the fur thick and warm, with stitching along one
side ~ Owned by Melen ~" (His description). When asked what the
occasion was (by a Mistress… rayne wasn't looking a gift horse in the
mouth!), Master Savage said He thinks she deserves them. They spoke of
how hard rayne has been working and how much she's learned.

she realizes it is only an imaginary gift online, it is much more to
her and it meant the world to this slave. she cried real tears and
couldn't stop smiling. she wants to say, again, Thank You, Master
Savage, for the exquisite gift. It means more than You could know. And
she wants to thank her Master for allowing her to accept the gift.


Later, after rayne left the Kaverns and we were settling down to watch
tv, Master said, "It's too bad you can't quite get to that point at
home." This girl got annoyed and went silent for a while. And while she
thought about it, He's right. she is much better behaved in the Kaverns
than at home. This is something she will have to remedy.

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