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Getting Used to the Rules

September 5th, 2005 No comments

It takes a while to get used to new rules, it would seem. I’m still not used to the idea that the free is always right. For example, when a girl makes a mistake, corrects herself, and begs mercy repeatedly, and a free is still horribly mean to her. I supposes it is their right… But I never understood people refusing forgiveness for small, unimportant, easily fixable mistakes.

On the fourth we went to the rose garden and took pictures. Such an awesome day. I can’t wait to have another like it.

This I, me, my thing is proving harder than I thought. While I’m pretty good about it online, for the most part, I slip all the time in rl. Master’s getting pissed off about it. I don’t blame Him. It seems such a little thing. Maybe it is and I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill.

I also always forget that my name isn’t really “Rayne”. I guess it’s because I almost never use my real name. Everywhere online, it’s Rayne. With Master it’s usually “slut” or something like that. I would even prefer “slut” to my real name. In any case, the point was that I’m always calling myself Rayne irl. Oy… so many things to work on. ::sigh:: 
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