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September 3rd, 2005

Well… He's gone and done it. Master ordered rayne to spend thirty minutes a day reading the news. And wouldn't you know it, the headlines are all about that bitch Katrina. rayne's old neighborhood is under water. Places where she had good friends are gone. Childhood homes destroyed. girl knew it would happen eventually since hurricane season is always rough on the Gulf, but it still saddens her a bit.

It's amazing how different things can be when a slave behaves and
stays in her place. Master's not always on edge and smiles more. The
love between Him and His girl shines brighter and angry words aren't
heard. Master cuddles more and seems happier. Master also exclaims with
a vengence little phrases that make slave realize she is cherished.

learning that little things can mean a lot to either person. Like a hug
here and there, or touching their hair or even their arm. she didn't
realize until recently how much she missed Master pulling her to Him
just to hold her for a while, or running His fingers through her hair
when she walks next to Him. Placing little kisses on her shoulder
blades when He climbs in bed behind her, or holding her tight when she
burrows her head in His chest.

He tells people He's proud of her. Proud of rayne? It's an accomplishment rayne thought she'd never make.

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