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August 28th, 2005

…she thinks that some online slaves (especially those that have no real responsibility at home) think that real life 24/7 slavery is some sort of picnic. Trust me. It's not.

While she loves being a slave, there is a ton of responsibility that
goes along with it. One must be a pleasure slave, a kitchen wench, a
therapist, a partner, a companion, a friend, a lover, a sounding board,
a whore, a maid, a secretary, a rock, and (if there is another slave in
the household) a sister. Always within the bounds of your rules, your
slavery… always in "slave mode" and sometimes, all at the same time.
And heaven forbid you actually love the One who owns you.

loving the One who owns you is not a bad thing, it can add a bit of
confusion. Especially when adding the Master/slave relationship after
the love relationship was formed. And throw in there being new to
Master/slave anything… sheesh. All things considered, rayne thinks
she's finally on the right track. Any confusion about where she stands
is out the window. she gets a little worried sometimes.

gets to thinking things like "But when He met her and fell in love with
her, she wasn't a slave." What if her personality changes and He
doesn't want who she changes into? While she thinks about it, she
realizes that it's not really her personality that needs changing, so
long as she's respectful. And that's really the clincher. Being

girl learning to be respectful to herself
and others really can only be a good thing no matter how one looks at
it. Learning how to cool this hot head of hers and speak to people
either in authority or otherwise will only help her. And she knows that
if you're from the Kaverns and you're reading this, you're wondering
"What temper?" rayne's an aries, and, depending on how the light hits
her hair, a redhead. Need she say more? she has a) no reason to show
her temper in the Kaverns and b) no right. So she doesn't.

sometimes get tired of cooking and would love to not have to do dishes.
Who wants to come be raynie's slave and keep her house spotless? Okay,
okay… so she wouldn't make a very good Mistress. But we could
pretend, yes?

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