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Dreaming a Beautiful Dream.

August 26th, 2005 No comments

Last night I had a wonderful dream. You might remember me mentioning my trouble with Master’s interest in other women and/or slaves. This dream spoke specifically to that fear. Unfortunately, for reasons I won’t explain, part of it will be dropped. The parts I’m removing are consensual sexual acts that would never happen in real life anyway, so they don’t really matter. The dream went something like this:

I have made a friend online (for real) and in my dream, this friend came to visit. I won’t say who she is to protect her identity (and me from her boyfriend ::grin:: although to be fair, in the dream, the boyfriend knew she was coming and knew what might happen and was okay with it – convenient, huh?), though I will say I didn’t meet her on IRC. So we’ll call her “Sarah” for the purpose of this entry.

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