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More Punishment and Praise

August 23rd, 2005

One day, I’ll learn. I know, I know. “Yeah right.”

I spent two days being bitchy. Why? Cause I was scared. I was
afraid that now that I’ve given everything up, I’m going to lose the
only thing I’ve got left. Master. So Master hung me up and gagged me
and beat my ass. I was left hanging with the gag to teach me that
my mouth is better suited full.

I was told to write a dance. It’s finished. I’ll post it here when it has been performed.

I forgot the praise part, so here’s the edit. One of the Master’s in
our new home told me that I was doing rather well for being so
new. I served Him and He said it was one of the best serves He’s ever
seen. All the Free tell Master how well I’m doing and how quickly
I’m learning. I have always been a fast learner. I’m so excited
and pressing on. I love the things that are required of me now. If
only I could get speaking third in real life down.And in closing:

slave screams he claims he has his own identity
slave screams he’s going to cause the system to fall
slave screams but he’s glad to be chained to that wall
don’t open your eyes you won’t like what you see
the blind have been blessed with security
don’t open your eyes take it from me
i have found
you can find
happiness is slavery

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