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Now that I have more time…

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… I’ll talk about last night and the reason for my third person speech. I’ll begin with the latter.

Master has decided that I need more structure in my life. I think I’ve mentioned that already, but can’t quite remember how in depth I got. Master thinks that Gor is a good direction to go in since there is so much ritual and tradition in Gor. He believes that it will teach me my place and help me stay in it. I agree but am a bit nervous. What if I let Him down? I couldn’t bear another failure.

While it would appear that I have mostly mastered third person speech (or slave speak) online, in person this has proven to be a more arduous task. I have trouble remembering that I, me, my, etc. is inappropriate. This is more force of habit than anything else but I don’t want to appear presumptuous either.

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