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New Approach

August 1st, 2005 Comments off

Ugh… I started this and then somehow managed to accidentally erase it. So this is my second attempt at “New Approach”.

I’ve decided (at Master’s suggestion) that it’s time for a new
approach to my blog. It has been brought to my attention that I haven”t
been using my blog for what it was given to me for. I should be using
it to discuss my growth as a slave and not a complaints forum. He’s
right, as He usually is.

And so, the primary focus is going to be put back on my training and growth as a slave. I will try to exclude any outside influences, though I’m sure I will still add my
opinions and thoughts on things I’ve read, experienced, etc. Since I’ve
been doing better at keeping up with my blog, I may include things I’ve
done wrong, as originally intended, and the punishments I receive to go
along with them. Read more…

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