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She’s not real

July 14th, 2005 Comments off

So today while reading Slave Farm I stumbled across a person claiming that the blog I have been reading is fake. I guess it would make sense. I mean, it is linked on and to about a million pay porn sites. There was also talk of her actually being male. If she’s male, she’s got the nicest set of man boobs I’ve ever seen. Can’t really comment on her pussy as it’s not really pretty but not ugly either.

So the person that “outed” her is a major jerk (are you reading my
blog still, sweety?). Master commented on the fact that the person’s
main concern was this blog being fake (the outer was posting on a
thread concerning training females) when there was the possibility of
minors being involved in the thread we were posting on. And he starts
attacking us….

Okay… I was going to make this entry
just a bitch session about this guy calling me an idiot for feeling
like a subpar slave after reading a “fake blog”, but I have spent the
past 30 minutes or so reading his blog and I want to scream. So here’s my review of his blog. Read more…

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