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The First Time

July 8th, 2005

bondage“Little girl, it’s time to get up.”

She opens her eyes to see her master standing over her swinging a rope around his fingers. She smiles mischievously and roles over covering her head with the blankets.

“Ut uh. Not this time.” He yanks back the blanket and grabs a full handful of her hair. “Today we have plans. Get moving. Into the shower.”

Master drags her to her feet by the knot of hair in his fist and pivots her toward the bathroom. She groans loudly and then yelps as he swats her ass hard. She picks up her pace and unbuckles the leather collar at her throat. As she climbs into the shower, she feels his hand in her hair again. Forcing her to her knees, he drops his boxers and then pries her mouth open with his fingers.

“I saved this just for you,” he says as he lets his bladder go.

Urine pours over her hair and her face and she gags as some finds its way into her mouth. “Nut uh… swallow it!”

The girl does as she’s told and when he’s finished, he turns the water on warm. “Stand up so I can wash your hair.”

She smiles with delight as his hands lather her hair with shampoo and then conditioner. He slowly washes her body and inspects it thoroughly handing her a brand new razor and a can of lavender scented shaving cream. As he’s walking out she lathers her pussy with the cream and begins to shave, careful not to leave any stubble.

“Make sure it’s perfect, slut. Wouldn’t want someone to find a hair. It would look bad on me.”

Once she’s finished, she rinses off and turns off the shower. Grabbing her new pink bath sheet off the towel warmer, she wraps up in it and sighs happily. Nothing better than a big fluffy warm towel when you’re just out of the shower on a chilly autumn day. She walks out of the bathroom, brush in hand, and begins brushing out her long hair. She sits on the bed and wonders what’s in store for the day. Just as she starts to daydream, Master peeks in the door.

“Let’s go. We’ve got preparations to make.”

Confused, she clambers to her feet and follows him to the dining room. “Lay down on the table on your back.”

She does as she’s told and he begins to wind rope around her right knee and around the bottom right leg of the table. After tying that piece of rope off and testing it to make sure it’s not too tight or too loose, he does the same to her left knee. Once satisfied that the ropes are in place and her legs are spread enough, Master pushes her ankles up to the backs of her thighs.

“Hold them there.”

He slowly winds a rope around her right ankle and thigh binding them to each other. Once finished with that, he does the same with the left. He tests her binds to be sure that they will hold but won’t hurt her and then moves to the top of the table.


She raises her hands above her head, each spread to their respectful corners. Quickly, he ties them to the legs of the table as well. He tests her binds one last time to be sure she is secure and cannot move and then slips a modified butt plug into her mouth. He sewed leather to the bottom of the plug to make it into a humiliating gag for her and this is the first time he has used it.

“Lift your head so I can put the lock on.”

She does as she’s told and he locks the gag. With her head still lifted, he slides something shiny around her throat. She takes a sharp breath in and her eyes grow wide as she sees what it is. A slave ring. A locking collar that can only be removed with a special key. And no doubt, the key will be hidden from her. She tries to smile but finds it difficult around the gag.

“Last but not least…”

He slips a blindfold over her eyes and secures it under her hair. And then, without so much as a word, he walks away.

A few moments later, she hears movement. She feels the bite of a clover clamp as it chomps on her nipple. And then another on the other one. Finally, a clamp is placed on her clit and she tries to wiggle around but can’t. She hears a laugh that she doesn’t recognize and begins to whimper.

“Silence, slut.” Master says. “I’m here and you’re safe… for now.”

Next she feels the crop dancing over her tits. She gasps with each kiss of the leather and her hips begin to move involuntarily. Suddenly, there is a second whip slapping her pussy in time with the first. Her hips still and she begins to whimper softly again.

The first crop dances its way over to her left tit and hovers there. Then there is a third. She freezes. She has lost her ability to vocalize. There is at least one other person in the room with her and Master. And there was only her and Master when the blindfold went on. She’s never been used by more than one person at a time before. Suddenly, she’s frightened.

“Yes, slut. Today you are expected to behave to the best of your ability. Do not make me regret trusting in your training. Nod if you understand.”

She nods slowly and then grows very still. She feels hands at the opening of her sore pussy, startles slightly, and tries to move away. She knows that this is going to happen whether she is willing or not. She just doesn’t know how she is expected to react. Best behavior. she reminds herself in her head and relaxes.

A finger slides into her opening and then two. She feels her cheeks grow red at how wet she is already. The voice that matches the laugh she heard before speaks up.

“She’s quite wet.”

“I told you. It’s like swimming up stream. It’s amazing the clamp has stayed on as long as it has.”

She hears a buzzing sound and feels something with quite a strong vibration placed on the clamp on her clit. Her hips begin gyrating involuntarily again and her pussy begins to drip. The vibration is removed and the clamp taken off. Suddenly there is nothing between her clit and the vibration and she begins to howl through the gag.

“Please. Please. Please.” She whimpers but it sounds more like “Peace. Peace. Peace.”

“That’s it. Show us how much of a whore you are. Cum as many times as you feel the need today, slut. They don’t believe that a slave can be as wanton as you and love it.”

That’s all the encouragement she needs. Her body begins to shake and she becomes racked with spasms of orgasm. When the waves begin to subside, she tries to move away from the vibrations but they become more intense. She begins violently thrashing on the table and it rocks dangerously to one side. A cane comes slamming down on her breasts.

“What are you trying to do? Kill yourself? Sit still.”

She tries desperately to hold her body still as her desire slowly builds to climax again. Someone pulls on the clover clamps and she moans and arches her back ever so slightly. They pull harder and she begins to cum again. Again the strength of the vibrations increases.

Gentle hot kisses land on her sore nipples and drip down the curve of her breasts. She feels the heat and draws in a breath wiggling around a bit. The heat intensifies as more of the wetness is dribbled on her chest. She finally notices the smell of candle wax in the air and knows what is being dripped on her. The vibrations increase in strength again and without warning she begins to cum violently. Once her convulsions slow and begin to stop, the vibration dissipates.

The clamps are taken off her nipples and she yelps. Fingers immediately begin pinching and twisting the hard little nubs until tears stream from her eyes and her whining subsides. A vibrating plug is shoved into her dripping pussy and pumped a few times before being snatched out and shoved into her ass. Another vibe replaces the plug in her pussy and both are pumped mercilessly. She feels little bites all along her pussy lips and inner thighs as clothespins are attached in various places.

Hands and floggers and crops mix to form a whirlwind of pleasure and pain. The clothespins are whipped from their places and she yelps as each one rips from her flesh. At first she is able to discern her master’s strokes from the others. Eventually, though, she is so lost in sensation that she can’t even tell which voice belongs to whom as they taunt and torment her with such phrases as “Dirty slut.” and “Fuck toy.” and “Cock whore.” A hand flies across her face and she is sure it is that of her owner until the voice that comes is completely unrecognizable.

Suddenly, sensation stops. The plug and vibrator are gone. There is no sound. No movement. She draws in her breath to try and hear what is coming next. Slowly her limbs begin to loosen. She realizes she’s being untied and fresh tears stream down her face. She wants to ask what she has done wrong but the gag in her mouth is in the way.

Once the ropes are gone, she feels her body being lifted from the table by at least two sets of hands. She’s turned to face down and she feels her master’s hands on her sides. Slowly, gently she’s guided onto his cock. He kisses her around the edges of the gag and holds her close as she moves into position and begins to ride him the way he likes it best. His hand fists in her hair at the nape of her neck and he pulls her head down so he can whisper in her ear.

“I know you’ve liked everything thus far. Haven’t you?”

She nods as best she can without dislodging his grip.

“You’re going to like what’s to come too, though you’ll try to tell me you didn’t afterward. Behave, little girl. Show me how much of a whore you are.”

Those words, having the same affect they always do, send her into a frenzy. He grabs her ass and makes her slow down as someone positions himself behind her. She freezes knowing what is coming but not sure how she feels about it. Suddenly, without much pain or trouble, her master’s cock is filling her pussy and her ass is filled by another man’s cock. They both begin to fuck her and she moans with pleasure.

“No words, little girl, unless there is an emergency or I request them.”

She’s not sure she understands until he removes the gag. A third cock is pushed into her mouth. She can feel her juices dripping and the sounds that her master’s cock is making in her pussy turn her on even more. She sucks at the cock as best she can so as to make her master look good for his friends. A moan escapes her throat as she tastes the first traces of precum. Slowly that familiar warmth begins to build between her legs and she cums violently on her master’s cock.

She tries to slow her movements and let her clit rest a minute, but he’ll have none of it. He thrusts into her ever harder and she cums again. The man in her ass begins pounding into it and fills her ass with his cum. His moans come loudly and she almost places a name with the voice. Next the man in her mouth drops his load and her master whispers “Swallow it.” She does so greedily.

Both men pull back and watch as the two lovers on the floor writhe and find their rhythm. Her master slaps her face. “Fucking whore. God you’re so fucking disgusting.” She whimpers softly. “Fuck me you fucking cum slut. Get my cock off. It’s my turn to fill you up.” She slides into the rhythm that always sets him off in a matter of seconds and he lets go. She speeds up and slows down and speeds up again to prolong his climax and suddenly he’s finished.

She all but jumps off his cock to wrap her mouth around it and clean all of his cum and her juices off of it. She licks up every drop as he removes the blindfold. Her face turns beat red as she’s forced to face her owner’s accomplices.

“We’ll be doing this again, I hope?” The man that was in her ass asks.

“I didn’t believe you. It’s high time my slut learns how to behave.” The man that was in her mouth says.

“We will most definitely be doing this again. This and more.” He smiles down at her and she beams at the proud look on his face completely forgetting her humiliation. “Now if you’ll excuse us, gentlemen. Help yourselves to a drink or something to eat while I get us cleaned up and ready for the club tonight.”

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