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Days like today

June 30th, 2005

are enough to make me wish Master ruled the world. Then I think about how fucked up the world would be (kidding).
Things I need to accomplish:

– I need to learn to accept/admit that I’m a dirty whore.

– I need to finish memorizing my rules.

– I need to learn a bit of html and css.

– I need to learn to watch my mouth.

– I need to finish reviewing the first degree and read the books on my reading list.

– I need to learn to like the cane so I don’t go into a panic attack every time I see it. Well… maybe the last one wouldn’t be so productive after all.

The welt on my shoulder makes the first thing on my list a must (not that it isn’t without the welt on my shoulder). Instead of just saying “Yes, Master. I want people to look at the dirty pictures of me.” I had to say “No not really” and disregard the fact that He’s right. The only logical reason for saying He posted them and where He posted them is so that my “fans” will go look.

I’m sure I’ll think of more things I need to do. These are all that come to mind right now.

People make me laugh. They never can accept what they have chosen to make their life. “The sea weed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.” (I love The Little Mermaid. Sebastian rocks!) People always think they’ve made the right decisions until someone makes them think they need something else. I’ll never understand why people can’t just be happy with what they have.

I’ve lost 2 pants sizes!! I’m so excited. You have no idea what it’s like to walk into a store, grab your usual size to try on, and have your mother say “No. Absolutely not. Try on a smaller size. That’s way too big.” Or maybe you do.

Mom and Dad took Master and I shopping this past weekend. We had so much fun with them. We went on the Aquaduck in Albany. It was soooo hot. But it was cool. Only thing that sort of bothered me was when the duck was driving into the water. It was low tide so it was a little bumpy. But we got in safely and the rest was a blast.

Master and Dad get along famously. You’d think they were old friends. They talk like it’s going out of style. Those of you that know Master know that He’s less than social usually so that they get along so well makes me so happy. Dad says “Love y’all” (talking to us) all the time and told Master to call him “Dad” which he has never done with anyone I’ve ever been with before… and I think it’s just so cool.

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