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August 16th, 2004


March 21-April 19




It is always the first sign on a natural wheel.

Aries represents a time of awakening. Life is stirring again. Aries is independent and youthful, the perpetual teenager. They have a need to compete, expand energy and try new things.

Everything is above the board with Aries. Rams prefer a direct approach to dealing with other people.

Personality: Aries are embedded with drive, life force, spark, enthusiasm, a sense of action, competitiveness, assertiveness. They want to be first, to lead.

Temperament: Aries are fiery, passionate, dynamic, eager and sanguine. They are hot-blooded, impetuous, reactive, impulsive, quick to anger and feisty.

Mars influence – Mars is a planet of high energy, aggression and assertion. Arguments and sex is the ruler of Aries. Aries are highly capable of displaying heroic warrior qualities, bravery, daring. They have a kind of fearless ability to fight the good fight. They are pioneers, not a friend to venture into uncharted territory.

Psychologically – Aries are invested with an abundance of libido or life force. They like to exert their personal will upon the world. There is an erotic charge to their energy; it stems from instinct, impulse and raw primal need.

Ram: Aries are known to butt their horns; seeming to butt their way forward in life. Aries tend to solve problems by ramming their heads against them.

In general: Aries like to win life’s battle, but they are not out to destroy; they simply love to compete. They like to take on a challenge or, more rashly, a dare. If Aries” natural assertiveness is negatively express, it can turn aggressive and combative, even reckless.

Life development stage: Aries are the infants of the chart. They will kick and scream and throw a tantrum for what they want, giving them the reputation of “me first”. They have an unabashed affirmation of self that is often mistaken for selfishness or unbridled egotism. However, they aren’t necessarily the first to jump in and help others.

In the physical body: Aries rules the head. Aries are head strong, impatient and seem to jump into things head first. A quick flash of anger – a sudden rush of blood to the head – is a common trait of Aries.

Keywords Positive: courageous, assertive, first, self-motivation, initiation, pioneer, active, independent, idealistic.

Keywords Negative: Headstrong, competitive, aggressive, self-absorbed, angry, impatient


So my next question is, am i predestined to be a bitch because of the sign i was born under? Oooo! i might have an excuse that one would have to argue with the gods 😛

So far as predestination goes, I’m not completely sure what i believe. Are people predestined to be good? Are they predestined to be bad? Are they predestined to be violent? Do our star signs decide what our futures will be? What about our personalities? And if the answers to these are yes, can you change your destiny?

i guess it’s a good thing the government doesn’t know one way or another. Cause half the people in the world would be locked up for being “predestined” to be evil. 

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