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August 6th, 2004

bondageAuthor’s Note: This started visually playing in my head from the minute Master told me that it was time to restart my training for I had forgotten my place. So far the only “real” part is I get hung nightly (or have the past two nights). I’m not sure what I’m expecting. Only that I hope what does come makes me a better slave.

Curled in a ball under the thin sheet, she shivered and drifted in daydream in hopes of daydreams becoming sleep induced night dreams. The evening’s events began to replay in her mind.

“Tonight starts a new era of your training, girl.” his hands knotted in her hair and he dragged her, holding her head at his waist, to their bed. “Bend over, bitch. Lay your torso flat on the bed, your hands clasped underneath you, and do not move.”

Quickly, she followed his orders.

“I’ll pretend I heard you say ‘Yes, Master.’ Next time, you had better say it.”

“Y-y-yes, Master.” the girl stammered.

He walked away and she laid there not moving an inch. Suddenly, the world was dark. He had blindfolded her. And his presence was gone again.

Listening carefully to his footsteps, she tried to imagine what he had in store for her. It wasn’t till she felt the first swat of the cane that she had any clue. And then another came. And another. And the tears slipped silently down her cheeks.

“It’s high time you learned your place, slave. I’ve had enough of your insolence. Until further notice, you are to sleep on the floor. If you’ve been good, I will allow you a blanket to lay on, a sheet to cover with, a pillow, and of course, your teddy bear.”

“Yes, Master.”

He continued to beat her.

“Every morning, you will get up, start the coffee, wake me up, get my things together for work, get your morning routine done as quickly as possible and present yourself here, like this with the cane beside your head until I am ready for you.”

“Yes, Master.”

“When I return from work, you will be kneeling, naked, in the center of the living room unless I instruct you otherwise. Your hands are to be cuffed behind your back and your mouth gagged.”

“Yes, Master.”

“After dinner, you will put on your suspension cuffs, kneel in front of the cross and wait for me to hang your arms and you will hang until I am ready to let you down. And as part of your nightly routine, before bed, once everything else is finished, you will again, present yourself here with the cane beside your head. Once I am finished with you, you will kneel quietly until I allow you to lay down and go to sleep.”

By this time she was sobbing, “Y-y-yes, Master.”

“And slave?”

“Yes, Master?”

“I love you, girl.”

A wide smile broke through the tears, “I know. I love you, too, Master.”

Daydreams finally made way to sleep. Sleep lead to night dreams. And night dreams would soon lead to morning. And she couldn’t wait.

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